Monday, April 9, 2007

It's about that time!!

Daddy and Jonas at Viva Las Vegas car show!! It was a long hot day but a lot of fun!!Jonas and his piggy pacifier! Thanks Uncle Trevor.

Jonas And Mommy relaxing together!

Jonas' first Easter. And the Easter bunny didn't forget him!

Lets both lay here and kick our legs!! Jonas is wearing off on Wyatt!

Well i guess it's that time again. time to update the blog!! Hooray!! things here are quiet as usual. Jonas got to celebrate Easter although he slept through a lot of it... he got to go to his first car show with Daddy( he hasn't decided what kind of car he wants yet!). And he had 3 great nights when he slept all night long! that was my favorite part of the week. anyway other than that he just keeps getting bigger and i keep putting more and more clothes into boxes. man, i wish he'd stay little forever.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Having lots of fun!!

Being a stay at home mom is so much fun!! I saw a story on the Today show this morning about a lady who has recently published a book saying that it was not smart for women to stay home with their children and that anyone who does is probably making a huge mistake. She covered all the bases of what if mom and dad get divorced or what if Dad dies or what if he's hurt on the job and can't support a family anymore. I can totally understand these views but I've also come to my own conclusion, you can't live life for the what ifs, you need to live it for today, and today i want to be spending all the time I can with my little boy. It's rewarding and fun and the best job I've ever had. i would not give it up for the just in cases of life!!
anyway enough ramblings i know you all just want to see cute pictures of Jonas, and I don't blame you!!