Tuesday, November 2, 2010


Our October has been...  Well I can't say busy, so I guess I'll say sick and lazy.  If you noticed the new addition to the blog, (Top right...) you can probably guess why.  I have been feeling pretty yucky so blogging has not been on the to do list... Wait, is it ever?  

Anyway in some more fun news, this big guy started nursery this month.  And he hates it!  Well, he hates getting dropped off.  Apparently he's just fine once they start singing or playing with toys.  Anyway, hooray for freedom!

 Next up this month were our Halloween festivities.  There was pumpkin carving...

 Jonas wanted a spider and Mom wanted a silly monster face.
 I don't think they turned out too bad, thanks to Dad's awesome pumpkin carving skills!
 And then we had the ward trunk or treat.  Jonas has been wearing last years Batman costume for 6 months now, so he got to be Batman again, and Gibson recycled Jonas's goat costume from his first Halloween. 

Happy Halloween!