Thursday, April 29, 2010

So long...

It has been two weeks since it happened. I'm sorry for all you non animal lovers out there, you may want to skip this post, it may be a tad melodramatic, but what can I say, it's how I feel.

November 24, 2005 - April 15, 2010

When I made it down the block, I knew he was not going to make it. Especially after witnessing what the other dog did to him. Even though his heart was racing and I called for Matt that we needed to get to a vet, I knew it was pointless. So I held Wyatt in my arms on my doorstep until his heart finally stopped. It didn't take long. I'm pretty certain that he felt no pain, and his racing heart was just his little body finishing things up... If that's how you say it. I held him for a long time. Putting him down would make it real.

I miss him. (Me too)

Surprisingly it's all the annoying things that he'd get yelled at for, that I seem to miss the most. Like how he'd get so excited and bark and jump when we got home, and how he'd try and lick our faces every time they got within tongues reach. (As most of you know he had no brain, just a rolled up tongue that would not stop) I miss how he would "bury" his food all around the house. His very short lived bursts of energy when he'd race in circles, and then pass out on the floor. I miss a lot of things. (We do)

I can say I have no regrets, the last two nights before it happened we let him up on the bed to sit between us while we watched t.v. (We never let him do that...) I felt like he got a little more attention those last few days. Maybe we were being prepared unconsciously for this event. Whatever the reason, I'm glad his last few days were nice.

Thank you Wyatt for letting us practice our parenting on you first. For keeping us up at night for 6 months straight. You definitely prepared us. (I'm not grateful for that) Thank you for always wanting to snuggle, for loving our babies, and us. I kinda wish you would have been less efficient at cleaning the floor. I was not prepared for the mess that awaits me after every meal.

We buried him in the back corner of our new yard, wrapped in the blanket I brought him home in 4 1/2 years ago, with his favorite toy. That way he can still be here with us,... just don't tell the City of Las Vegas, they would not be thrilled to know that. They can shove it.

He was a great friend and I really miss that little prancing, licking machine. He can now lay in all of sunny spots he could ever want. See ya, buddy.

(Matt=blue writing)

P.S. Sorry for the photo overload... What can I say, we really liked him!

Just a Puppy... When we brought him home he only weighed 1.1 lbs, and he was deaf in his left ear.

Wyatts first birthday.

Yes, I liked to dress him up, until he got too chubby to fit into anything!
Wyatt really liked Jonas, as you can tell from the next few pictures.

I'm pretty sure he liked Gibson too, they both love to chew on things.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Why yes, I was in the same room as Matthew McConaughey this weekend...

On Saturday night after Gibsons party Matt and I were able to go on a date. (Thank you Grandma and Grandpa... Oh and Trish for the passes!) We went to a private concert in the MGM, to see Blake Shelton and Sugar Land! So much fun, good food, and private means not very big so it was awesome, like 15 feet from the stage awesome... Even more awesome when Trace Atkins and Miranda Lambert show up too!! Unfortunately we didn't have a camera, so no pictures. Oh well. Anyway this concert turned out to be only the beginning of our country filled weekend. While we were there we ended up meeting a really nice couple from Arkansas, he works for Pepsi, and apparently they had been in Vegas for a few days, taking part in all the ACM events that were going on in Vegas. Anyway, long story short, they had connections to a guy who had extra tickets to the ACM's, and the All Star Jam afterward. After a quick text to Grandma and Grandpa to see if they'd babysit again, we were on our way! So fun!

So we spent Sunday evening in the company of some really cool people. Namely Tim and Faith, Taylor, Brad, Miranda , Carrie, and a few more... We weren't allowed to take cameras into the awards show, but here are some pictures from the All Star Jam. Again a small event, so like 15 feet from the stage again! It was awesome and such a memorable weekend!

Chris Young

Eric Church

Billy Currington

Do I even have to tell you...!

Lady Antebellum and Luke Bryan

Montgomery Gentry

And Hootie... or I guess I should call him Darius Rucker
Allen and Janet, the really nice couple who made it all possible...
And us... I look really excited so please excuse the goofy smile!!

Gibsons Birthday!

We had a little party for Gibson on Saturday. I know I said it before but I really can't believe he's 1! Thank you to all the Grandmas and Grandpas for making his birthday special! Seriously, he was spoiled way too much! Jonas helped open all the presents, and Gibson loves them all!

Due to broken glass on our oven door, I was not able to bake a cake. We did end up buying a new range on Saturday but not with enough time to bake and decorate a cake for the birthday boy. Cold Stone came through with a yummy cookie dough ice cream cake that I think Gibson enjoyed just as much!
The remote control was probably the present of the day, he held onto it the whole time he opened his other presents. He has since let it go long enough to play with the rest!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Our Big 1 Year Old

Today has been a crazy day, but we will get into those specifics tomorrow. Today it's all about this guy! Happy Birthday Gibson!
He is seriously such a joy to have in our family. He crawls around the house as happy as he can be, He's mastered stairs up and down, so it's nice not worrying about a baby gate, and he has inherited his big brothers obsession with cars and dirt bikes! He is also dealing with a shoe addiction... These pictures are from last week while we were up in Canada, courtesy of my big brother! Thanks Trev! I'd love to do a big flash back but I think it will have to wait til after his party on Saturday, thanks to this crazy day, and the fact that I don't have a camera right now!