Friday, August 26, 2011


Time to catch up on this baby!  I feel like I have no drive lately, but today I'm feeling pretty energetic, so here it goes!

We spent a few weeks up in Canada this summer, like usual, and here are some of the highlights...
Playing with the cousins...  You can't beat it, my boys were so worn out by the end of each night!

Speaking of cousins...  Check out my nephews curly locks.  So cute!

And then look what his parents did to them... So sad!
Having a built in baby sitter, this girl changed diapers and rocked August to sleep every chance she could!

Wicked!  I can't wait to see this someday on a bigger stage, it was good, but I imagine it to be so much better in a bigger venue!
I don't have any pictures from the show, but here's a cute one from the drive...

Getting together with my girls, Jess and Diana...  I'm so bummed I don't have a picture, but these 2 are the best, and it was even more fun to find out that Diana is finally expecting her first little bundle of joy!
Getting family pictures done by my Brother... Despite a couple injuries during the session he managed to get some great shots that really show my boys true personalities, instead of the goofy expressions I always get when I try to take their pictures!

Speaking of cousins again, can I say 2 words?  Dress up.  nuff said!

Two more highlights...  Matt making it across the border with and expired passport, and Matt making back into the U.S.A. with no passport whatsoever, and no hassles, not even a question!
Anyway we had a blast like usual and leaving was bittersweet.  Now we get to look forward to Christmas!  Can't wait!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

2 Months!

I'd better get this post up before this kid turns 3 months!!  

August is such a good baby.  He started smiling this month, although he was being very stoic for his photo shoot...  Oh well.  

He is very alert, he does like to snuggle, but only if there is nothing better to look at. 

He's also starting to put on some pounds... Or a pound...  Again you can't tell, thanks to his sparrow legs!  But we love him!  3 months is coming up way too fast!