Tuesday, September 4, 2012

That horse was quite the comedian!

We headed up to Ely this weekend to crash with Matt and Uncle Ted and Aunt Julie.  Matt wasn't able to come (sad :( We missed him) but we went up with Grandma and Grandpa to escape the city one last time.  We had so much fun riding bikes and horses and snuggling cute babies, and staying up late talking and playing, and if your August... Crying... Despite the lack of sleep, it was still so much fun to get out of town for a bit.
We took off Saturday morning and when everyone arrived we headed for Garnet hill.  You smash rocks with hammers and look for Garnets, Gibson said this was his favorite part of the trip...

 we were quite the caravan heading up there, We were on dirt bikes and four wheelers, Jonas rode with Grandma and Auntie Lissa, and you can see Gibson on with Grandpa.  His face when we got up to the hill was priceless, he loves those bikes!
 On the way back Jonas, Gibson and I went in the side by side with Uncle Ted, and despite the bumps and hills and the loud engine, Gibson still passed out.

On Saturday before we got to Ely, Mark and Laci got to go horseback riding, unfortunately for Mark, he got bucked off.  Laci and Maverick had a good laugh about it later...
On Monday, The boys and I got to go for a ride too. They were so excited to ride the horses, but wanted to get off after like 15 minutes.  Apparently we need to spend more time in the great out doors... And August couldn't even keep his eyes open considering he was up all night the night before... Rotten kid. He was really excited to be on a horse though...

The rest of the time was just spent hanging out, lots of people came and I fell for this little guy, hook line and sinker... What a doll.  
We had such a great time.  Can't wait to go back!