Tuesday, January 27, 2009

And now... The moment you've all been waiting for...

I'm back! I've actually been back for a few days, but I really felt that my neglected Hubby deserved my undivided attention for a couple of days, oh and yesterday I was just feeling lazy. Anyway, after a long month of not being home, getting a nasty cold, discovering the possible beginnings of the terrible two's, and taking 5 (count them) 5 plane rides with a toddler... It is good to be home! The last few weeks have been awesome though. Christmas in Vegas was a blast, We got spoiled rotten. (Especially Jonas...) We got to relax, have fun and actually go out kid free. It kinda makes a girl want to live close to family, who doesn't love an occasional babysitter? After Vegas, Matt drove back to Idaho to prepare for his upcoming Semester and I took flight #1 to Canada where I got to babysit for my sis while she went to Mexico, and although she came home to an exhausted, stuffed up, and voiceless sitter, I really did have a good time with her 3 kids. I love them to bits! Especially when they do things like this. Oh yes that is her 4 year old asleep in the bathroom with no pants or underwear. Not to mention Jonas could not get enough of Hadley. He loves his cousin. Anyway I also got to see the rest of my family, which was great. Unfortunately, I did find out that the bridesmaid dress I'm supposed to wear in 6 weeks might be a tad snug. Now. Not in 6 weeks. Now. Anyway I'm sure everything will work out thanks to my amazing mother who doesn't have any worries. Anyway, I proceeded after that on flight #2 back to Vegas where my wonderful Chauffeurs picked me up for a quick nights sleep and a morning of re-packing for flight #3 to Stockton California! Luckily Jess and Griff don't actually live in Stockton,but that was the closest airport. Can I just say, that I think all Moms need a friend to hang out with all day while parenting? It doesn't even feel like parenting! I always thought that it was the making breakfast, lunch and dinner, and the changing diapers, and the playing, and reading stories that wore me out, but I really think now that it is the one and only lack of adult conversation. Having another person in the room who doesn't speak gibberish is so refreshing. I was sad it had to end considering all the fun things she planned for us to do, although I would have had just as nice a time if we sat in her house all week. Anyway, thanks again Jess and Griff! We had a wonderful time! Anyway I then boarded plane #4 and flew back to Las Vegas. Seriously, I can't thank my chauffeurs/In-laws enough. You guys are awesome! Then it was a quick day of rest and onto flight #5. Can I say, what a relief to see a super cute guy, waiting at the bottom of the escalator for us? I sure missed my Matt, and judging by the amount of homework he got done this weekend I have a pretty good idea that he missed us too! Anyway, sorry for the novel, but that is what happens when you disappear for a month! I will just end with a quick photo recap and be done for the day. Oh and P.S Aren't you glad the Christmas music is gone? I officially pulled a blogging equivalent of leaving my lights on the house all year long!

Monterey bay Aquarium. Such a fun place!
Jonas touching a starfish!
At the beach after the Aquarium.Sandy Feet!
The train at the Zoo! Jonas "toot tooted" the whole ride!Back to my mention of the terrible two's... Whenever I tried to get Jonas dressed he would throw a fit and curl up on the floor and pout. I think it made Sophie a tad concerned! Although it was not love on this trip, I think that her concern for his feelings was a very good sign! They did share their first kiss...
At Grandma and Grandpa's house the day before we got home. All that traveling sure wore him out!

P.P.S. On a slightly unrelated note I finished Jonas's Christmas Stocking! (before Christmas...) I'm a little proud of it!