Thursday, February 10, 2011

Jonas is 4!

I can't believe my guy is 4 years old!  What a big boy.  He is so funny and he makes us laugh everyday.  He loves his Mommy right now, which can be hard at times, but I should really enjoy it while I can because someday he wont want me anymore.  Anyway we had a little party for him the Saturday before his birthday and he had a blast!  Thank you Grandmas and Grandpas and Uncles and Aunts who made him feel special on his birthday!
The Gronckle cake.  It was quite the task... but he was thrilled, so it was worth it!

We made his actual birthday special too, by decorating the house and his room with streamers and balloons.  Plus he got to pick every meal we ate that day.  I loved the pancakes he picked for breakfast, he can pick those any day!