Monday, September 29, 2008

Happy Birthday to a wonderful man!

Today the love of my life turns 28! I thought of naming 28 things that I love about him but I thought I might just bore you with the mushy stuff so I'll just name my top 5!

5. He does the dishes

4. He likes to cuddle

3. He L-O-V-E-S our little guy!

2. He is such a gentleman... Can I say a big thank you to his parents? He still opens my door, and all sorts of other gentlmanny things!

and the number 1 reason I love him so...

His passion for everything! He works so hard and he plays so hard and he is always trying to do the best he can! I love him, and I was lucky to have reigned him in! Happy Birthday sweetie!

Sunday, September 28, 2008


Just a quick photo, we're thinking this might be his halloween costume.
Well, if we were still in Vegas maybe, I think it might be a little cold out!

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Little Stacks and a Fruit Soup-Aholic

OK I have officially finished cutting all the little pieces of my next quilt! I haven't done many but this is the first one that I would consider having lots of little pieces. There is a reason for me being so excited. When I spent a month at Camilles house... (Not a whole month, but we were there a lot.) I would watch her neatly stack her little squares and triangles for whatever quilt she happened to be working on at the time, and I loved them. Those tiny neat little piles had my whole heart! Well I officially have little stacks of my own and they have stolen my heart completely. Do I sound ridiculous? I think I might, but at least I have something to blame. Fruit Soup. Need I say more? I think it has been toxic to my brain, but in a good way... Considering the bowls upon bowls I have eaten today, I think I can safely say I am drunk on it! Which would explain my raving about little neat piles of fabric. Anyway I am off to possibly start sewing them together, or possibly have more fruit soup, or maybe I should play with Jonas, he has been slightly neglected today with all the cutting and stacking that has been going on.

Oh and P.S. as you can see I am doing a Thimble Blossoms, Peppermint Posies Quilt, but I really don't want to do peppermints, they seem so Christmassy to me and unfortunately the fabric I am using is so not Christmassy. Anyway I guess I am just out of ideas for some cute applique. If anyone has a thought I sure would appreciate it!

For everyone who checks up on us to see the little guy, here is a recent video of his awesome dance moves! I think he gets them from his Dad, obviously. Oh and please excuse the shaky camera, I could not hold still because of the laughing.

Also here is a shot of one of his favorite things to do. I'm not sure why, but he loves to sit under a blanket, he especially likes it when someone is under there with him but he does just fine on his own too. Weird kid!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Monday, September 15, 2008

Washing the Car!

We're not too exciting aroung here these days but here are a few pics of Jonas and Matt washing the Jeep today. Please excuse all the butt shot of Matt, I was more focused on Jonas when I took these and I didn't really pay attention to what Matt was doing in the background!
Oh and for everyone who is not a fan of naked kids just stop reading now. Jonas would not get out of the tub last night, he seriously sat in there for like 10 minutes, but I thought it was funny!

Sorry we're so dull. Hopefully something exciting will happen soon. Till then I'm not sure how you'll entertain myself. Me on the other hand, I'm going to try my hand at Fondant Cakes. I've been inspired! Check it out!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Now what should I do with all this loveliness...

I have officially experienced my very own Cotton Blossoms Day! Not so elaborate as Camilles, but just as exciting none the less... The Jelly Rolls are sweet and the Layer Cakes are tasty, and I actually have a bolt of fabric! A whole bolt! And that FQB is just screamin my name... But I am having buyers remorse though, I really wish I would have bought more. Anyway, now I just need to get off my lazy butt and make something beautiful with it! I really feel like it showed up just in time. Now I have something to play with on my new sewing machine! Oh by the way this thing is incredible, and I barely know how to use it! But I did find a lovely surprise in the little cubby that holds your bobbins and such... A Surging attachment. When I told my Mother about this amazing machine, she said, "well, all you need now is a surger and you'll be all set." Well guess what! It came with one. So now with the darning foot and the extendable sewing surface and all the other doohickeys... (If I can figure them all out...) I can do anything my brain can think up! (Hopefully!) Here's something to look forward too, Jessie!

By the way have you noticed how I can't bring myself to take this beautiful fabric out of the plastic? Jonas came down with a cold and now I'm afraid he'll get boogers on it if I do. So until his rotten little cold goes away, it is plastic wrapped for good!

Oh and for everyone who is drooling over this fabric, you may have already heard here that it's finally in stores, but obviously because I have some, now you know for sure!

P.S. Mim, I have no idea what I could tell you about my machine, because I've already told you everything I know so far. All I know is that I think it can do just about anything! Now I just need to learn to do just about anything!

Monday, September 8, 2008

Back to the Grind...

*Warning. What you are about to read is very long. I will completely understand if you scroll right through it and just leave a comment! *Wink.

Ok just to sum up, the last month has been crazy nuts and I really don't see how I'm going to get back into the swing of things, but here is my first attempt.

My Gram's funeral was wonderful. A beautiful sunny day with lots of music and wonderful words were said and I can't believe how nice it is to see relatives that I haven't seen in years! Her casket was also incredible. It kinda looked like a fancy couch, so her, and so cute. I would just like to say one more time how grateful I am that I got to be there this last month to be with her, and hold her hand and just say goodbye. She was so dear to me. I am so grateful that I know we will be together again. I did take pictures of her awesome casket but unfortunately they are on my Mom's camera so I will probably never get copies. Oh well.

Anyway now I will just sum up the rest of the month. I was going to do a bunch of posts but I'm really not feeling up to it, so here it all is in one big long post. Between visits to Grams, we hit the Calgary Zoo, which was so much fun. I ate a lot of Sagoniese food, went to a family reunion, found out some exciting news, celebrated my birthday, celebrated Hadley's birthday, went to a vipers game, went to my favorite store, hung out with Aunts, Uncles and cousins, Spent time with Grandmas and Grandpas, visited Great Grandmas and Grandpas, played at the spray park with Jonas' Girlfriend, Caught up with my girlfriends, and went to a lot of movies. That's what we do at my house, we love to go to movies. Anyway I was supposed to be home on Monday August 25 but because my Gram's was rapidly going down hill, I struggled with the idea of going home. After a nice talk with Gram's, I decided to take her advice and come home to my Hubby. He was lonely after all. Anyway The day after I got home I received the call that Gram's was gone. So off I went, home again. Matt and Jonas got to go to Vegas and see Uncle Mark, and I got a weeks vacation! To sum it up, we are all officially exhausted. I don't know if I will ever recover.

Anyway here are a couple shots from the Zoo.

Jonas didn't quite make it through the whole ordeal.

Anyway we spent a lovely weekend at home just the 3 of us and it was wonderful. Although I think we may have scarred Jonas a tad. He has become extremely clingy, He has a fit if one of us leaves the room, or stands up, or if we're not touching him. I spent the last 2 hours of church in the hall with him because he would not go to nursery. *Tear. I hope this little phase doesn't last. Oh well I guess it's nice to be wanted. Anyway that sums up almost everything. Now on to something so truly exciting I think I'm about to jump out of my chair and shout for joy! I came home Thursday night and found a rather large box on my kitchen counter. And this is what it contained...

Yes. Meet my new "Curvy" friend! My only worry is that I will not live up to the wonderfulness of this machine. Heck, I only know what 3 of the feet do! Anyway I am so looking forward to the doors this may open up for me, and I can't wait to start sewing on it! Thank you Rob and Tammy! Seriously you never need to get me another present as long as you live, this is incredible! I appreciate it so much! Anyway that is all for now. Until I finish sewing something... I am signing off.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

I'm Back!

Well kind of... I mean I am totally at home and not planning on leaving for at least a week, so... Well I guess I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed, with all the things I want to post. I will try my darndest but please be patient! Ha Ha just kidding. There are very few people out there who are waiting anxiously for posts from me! Anyway I have plans to just enjoy the weekend, with my Hubby whom I haven't seen in weeks and My baby who I haven't seen in a week. Oh and my new "Curvy" friend. (More on her later!) See you soon!