Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I guess it's finally time to post about V-Day. We have never made a big deal about this day until 2 years ago. In some post pardem fit and emotional rage, I remembered that Valentines day was actually the day my sweet Hubby and I first laid eyes on each other. Unfortunately we still really don't make a big deal of the day but we now make a small point to at least acknowledge that without this very special day, we might not be together... And that would be tragic. Anyway, I was officially spoiled rotten. (Apparently Matt has been hiding a few bucks here and there, so he could buy me a couple small presents) Chocolate, oh and as you can see from the picture, my favorite flower ever, was just the start of a wonderful day. He is such a gem. Anyway we spent the day together as a family, and finished the evening with some Chocolate covered strawberries, Martinellis, and a girly movie. (WOW he must LOVE ME!) Anyway that was about the jist of the day. It was wonderful, seriously. Oh and thank you for Presidents day, I'm not sure who I'm thanking but because of it, we got to spend time together, instead of Matt doing his homework all day and night! I hope you all had a sweet V-day too!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm annoyed but he doesn't know it.

Yes that's right. This kid has no concept of Annoyance... Or if he does he doesn't seem to care. It's probably just me and I shouldn't be annoyed, but I am. He almost fell asleep in the car on the way home from the grocery store, which in my mind means, he should have fallen asleep when I put him in his room right when we got home. He should not have rearranged his room, torn an (almost) indestructible board book, tried to rescue lost cars from behind his dresser, emptied numerous boxes of too small clothes, and proceed to jump on his bed, and yell at me from underneath the door for the last two hours. When I went in there, he should not have been all grins when he saw my angry face, but he should have been terrified of his scary Mommy. Apparently, I'm not scary. But he should think that I am. Even as I type this I am shooting him annoyed and angry glances that are going completely unnoticed. I guess peanut butter is more interesting. But seriously, can I really stay mad at that cute oblivious face? I guess not.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

A Giveaway!

My cousins Super cute Wife has an adorable little business, and she started a blog for it! Anyway she is doing a giveaway on the very first post! Go here and check it out!

Friday, February 6, 2009

Do you ever feel like you can't do anything?

No seriously, not in the sense that everything you do is wrong, but in the sense that you "can't" do anything! Jonas has moved to his big boy bed, as I mentioned before and we've finally worked out system. At night it is not so bad, we put him to bed 15 to 30 minutes earlier than we used to, he spends a half hour to an hour on the floor peeking out under the door, and when he starts to get drowsy, I go in, pick him up, and put him in bed. This is working just fine for me and our nights go on as they usually do. On the other hand... His naps... He has always been a light sleeper during nap time, (I'm actually paranoid the clicking of the keyboard is going to wake him as I'm typing this.) So nap time goes like this. I put him on his bed an hour before his usual nap time, he sneaks onto the floor to peek out under his door, while I sneak into the living room and very quietly sit at the computer and dilly dally on my blogs, search for baby names, watch my shows that I have to watch online (with headphones... Just one though, so I can hear when he actually stops making noise), etc... But once I'm certain he's asleep I still can't bring myself to do anything. I have this horrible fear of waking him up! I think I need to plan better. Like a book or something. But then I feel as if I'm wasting hours a day doing not so much. I feel trapped! Or maybe I'm tired of the monotony. On the plus side, if I could move and accomplish things I have awarded myself one extra hour a day to do with as I please. (That's about how long it takes him to fall asleep!) Anyway, any ideas for quiet activities for an extremely bored Mommy? I'm getting desperate, oh and my ear is sore from the ear buds!
It's too bad he's so darn cute, I just can't be mad about it! Not to mention the 2 extra hours a day of me time is not so bad... Now if only I could find a productive way to spend it...

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our Big 2 year old!

From this little wrinkly thing...To this big 2 year old!Jonas is officially 2! I am completely blown away by this fact. Anyway a few things have happened this week to mark the occasion. First he was introduced to his big boy bed. You know the one Papa John got for him months ago? He finally gets to sleep in it, and we took the crib down. We figured it was cold turkey or nothing for us. Naps are kind of a pain but he does OK at night. So far we've only had to pick him up off the floor once! That was the only one that we actually forced, the other things pertain to his communication. He is saying a lot more words. We taught him to say "two", He says, "Eyes", and some more animal sounds as well! He is also getting better at communicating what he wants. I'm so proud of the kid! Anyway he had a wonderful birthday. We were going to have a little party but Matt got this crazy cold so we canceled it. Oh well, maybe next year! Anyway, here are just a few shots from the day!



We even got him to blow out his own candles! Matt only caught the last one on camera but that's OK! Oh and please excuse my annoying voice!

Oh, and can we say OCD? He was playing with his magnets and the next thing I noticed was this! What a crazy kid! He must like blue and green the best.