Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Many Faces of Gibson...

As you can see I must love my youngest the most...  Just kidding, but the other night were having dessert and he started making all sorts of funny faces.  Also He was on Matt's Bike the other day and He was acting like a thug.  Had to post it. 

Other things on my mind today...  1.  New Headboard!  Yay! I can't wait to pick it up tomorrow.  We've never had a new headboard before!  Thank you RC Willey, for having a sale today!

2.  Pinterest...  For everyone on this, where do you find the time to even find all the cute stuff on your boards?  In the 2 weeks I've been on, I think I've pinned 2 things!  I'm struggling!
p.s.  Matt, darling, this might be a good place to check if you are ever wondering what gifts I might like! You know, if we ever have any money...

3.  Less than 10 weeks til baby...  it sounds like a lot...  But it isn't.  I'm entering panic mode! I haven't even started his quilt.

4.  Heading up to Canada in July, just occurred to me I might need to get the little stinker a passport.  We should be OK with an infant, right?  We're just driving...  I hope.

5.  WICKED!!!  in Canada, with the whole Fam!  Sooooooooo excited!

I'm pretty sure there is more going on in this brain of mine, but I'll spare everyone!

Monday, March 7, 2011

A Quote from my Husband...

"I figured it out...  You look at the house the same way I look at my motorcycle."  
It's true too.  I sit in my house all day and see everything that could look better.  We are not planning on living in this house forever so I know that all of these improvements wont happen.  That's OK, but I have decided that anything that can be done affordably, should be.  So to get to the point, I'd like you all to flash back to this picture.

Not very pretty right?  This was my kitchen when we moved in almost a year ago.

Then we painted...  Hooray!  Getting better right?  My Mom came and helped me pick out this nice green, so that I didn't have to live in burgundy everyday.  Thanks Mom!!  Anyway this has been my kitchen for the last 10 months or so.  

Well, to make a long story short, My mother came to the rescue again, first she surprised me by coming when she could tell I was missing my family, and then she surprised me again by coming up with the crazy idea, to do more home improvements while she was here.  So I would like to unveil my even better looking kitchen! 


I am in love with this room every time I walk into it.  Mind you, it was a first attempt at ever refinishing anything for me or my Mother, so I would ask that anyone who has the pleasure of seeing it in person, please don't look to close.  But I am thrilled with it none the less, and I think it will do nicely until it's time to move on form this place.  Thanks again Mom for all the help.  You were a trooper!  Also thank you to my patient husband, for stepping up whenever we needed his help too!  It was an endeavor, but so worth it!