Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Giveaways and a short Hiatus!!

Well as everyone may have noticed, (or not) I have not blogged in a while! I am currently practicing being a mother of 3 and I'm not sure when I'll be back to the blogging world, so I guess we'll see everyone in a few weeks.
On another note, My pal Camille is doing a giveaway on her blog!! And not just anyway giveaway. Go check it out at her blog! I do have ulterior motives so if you are interested in her giveaway, please please please let her know who sent you to her site! I promise you wont be disappointed! She is so talented and I am in love with everything she does! Anyway check it out, and you can check out the rest of her work at I know all I do is rave about her but if you've seen her stuff then you totally know why! Anyway enjoy the giveaway!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Conference & Quilting!

Well, this has been an awesome weekend. Not only was Matt home all day on Saturday... Well minus priesthood session. But we had a great time watching conference. We don't have T.V. so we had to watch it on a tiny screeen on the computer but it was still awesome. What was really amazing is how Jonas behaved through almost all of it. It was also the first time in a long time that we actually got to watch all the sessions. It was just what we needed. Anyway here are some shots of the last couple days!
Matt and Jonas during the Satuday afternoon session. Jonas looks so thrilled, or maybe he's just listening really hard!

On another note, while Matt was at priesthood session I got to give a sewing lesson! I taught my friend here how to Stipple and Bind a Quilt that she's making for her new edition, set to arrive in August! Anyway, it was fun and omigosh can I just say she was so good at stippling!

Here she is pinning her quilt just before she stippled.

Here she is actually stippling it...
And here is the almost finished project!! (she just needs to finish hand stitching the binding!!) Anyway I tought it was a lot of fun to share a little knowledge that I been taught. (thanks Camille! Your Stippling tutorial came in handy! Oh and not to mention teaching me all that I know about Quilting!)
Anyway now back to conference. This is Matt and Jonas wrestling right before the morning session started.
Jonas fell asleep about half way through, and can I just say he never falls asleep like this I always have to be standing up if I want him to go to sleep while I'm holding him, I almost didn't want to put him in his bed!
I promise we did listen but we had some playtime also. Jonas needed to be entertained!
Suprisingly his pants kept him busy for a good half hour!

Matt also need to be entertained... or maybe it was Wyatt... I don't know, I guess they kept each other busy

Jonas gives Wyatt the nastiest kisses, good thing we just gave him a bath!