Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Just Hanging Out!!

Look how cute he is sleeping in his swing!!

I think he kinda looks like a monkey in this one.

Wyatt just can't seem to get enough of this kid, everytime i turn my back he trying to curl up beside him!!

Not to much to report this week just the same old things... Except... Jonas smiled. At Mommy!! He was just lying on the floor kicking his legs on Sunday Night and then he looked up and started to grin. It was so rewarding. of course we didn't have a camera nearby but oh well, such is life. It's made all these weeks worth every poopy diaper and every time he decided to wake up at 6am.

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melissa said...

Cute, cute pics as usual. The monkey picture is adorable, and I'm pretty sure I laughed when I saw it. Man, and we were worried about Wyatt, but I'm tellin' ya...he loves the little guy. How can he resist, really?!