Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Oh Canada!

It has been way too long since i last updated so i thought i would put a couple of pictures on of Jonas in Canada. We came up for a week long visit and we go home tomorrow. I'll update more thoroughly when i actually get home but here are a couple of shots of Jonas and some great Grandparents!! Wow four generations!
P.S. Jonas is exactly 3 months old today!!


melissa said...

I love seeing those pics of Jonas with the grandparents. I love his face with your Grandma! I'm not gonna lie...I'm happy you guys are coming home, bc I have missed you both. I hope you had fun in Canada though!

Josh & Mindi Allen said...

Hey guys, congrats on the little guy...Josh and I are having a boy July 4th so we're pretty excited. Cute pictures with your grandparents, I havent' seen them in a few months!
Talk to you later!