Monday, June 25, 2007

Jonas, my goofy kid!

Well it's that time again, I just thought I'd put up more pictures because I haven't in a while. This is what we'e been up to I guess... Not a lot going on, just getting ready to go to Canada! Hooray!

This is how Jonas Sleeps now, so cute!

Proof that my baby doesn't always take a cute picture
and I tried multiple times.

Dad and Jonas making faces in the mirror.

Jonas and Wyatt when we took a walk to the library, Wyatt got tired.

Jonas fell asleep in his swing the other day it was so funny!


Mike Peterson said...

Hey, nice blog and pictures. I found it through facebook. How old is your kid? He looks about the same size as ours.

Jessie and Patrick said...

What a mop you really need to cut that boys hair! Just kidding! Those are some cute pics. Hope you enjoyed mine. Man I love the smell of a new baby! It seems to linger on everything!

melissa said...

Haha! I love the pic of Matt and Jonas making faces, and of course the one in the swing. Wyatt is such a wuss! There will be no riding in the stroller while I'm watching him! :)jk I'm jealous you guys are going to Canada. :( Say hi to the fam and all my friends for me.