Wednesday, March 19, 2008

New Computer and New... What! Molars?!

The new computer has only been mentioned to explain the lack of pictures, because we haven't had a chance to move everything from the old computer yet. Anway, I have only taken a couple pictures this week due to the dreaded Molars. I know we are smiling in the above photo but I think that was just for the camera. I can't decide if I like it when Jonas is teething or if I hate it. On one hand he is so cranky and seems to cry for no reason, but on the other hand, as long as he is being cuddled and snuggled, he is just fine. On top of the molars he also has a horrible rotten cold. (again!) Matt says he's fine and should get sick so he can keep building up his immune system but I wonder if he isn't getting sick too often. I think this is his 3rd cold since we moved here. I don't know. He seems ok but if anyone has any input let me know. Maybe it's this drafty old trailer. Anyway, to end this fantasticly interesting post (*wink) Here is another funny video. Lately he can't get enough dancing. It's pretty cute. He'll even dance when there is no music. He marches to the beat of a different drum.


melissa said...

haha! Oh man, I cannot watch these videos without cracking up. He kills me! I love that he just moves his little torso to dance. I think he gets his moves from his dad! ;) Poor little lambie with his molars coming in though. That's no fun. I agree with Matt that he needs to build his immune system, but I also think they just get sick more when they're teething. I don't know. I could have made that up. At any rate, I think he's fine....and super cute!

Jessie said...

Poor dude!!! Molars are tough. But Emmy has been teething for a month and still hasn't cut her 2 bottom teeth yet! But it isn't keeping her up at night. She sleeps from Midnight till 7:30am most days now. The video was cute, but I don't have the speakers on the computer hooked up so I am off to watch it on the lap top so I can hear.

Tammy said...

Poor little guy, we just want to sit and cuddle with him. It is hard when they don't feel good, you feel so helpless. Enjoy the cuddles, he will get better soon. He just needs some good ol Vegas Sunshine - can't wait to see you guys in 23 sleeps! Love the picture of you two, Renee you are such a good mommy! Love ya G&G Brandley!