Tuesday, April 7, 2009

A Date has been Set!

Although I am going to try really hard to have this baby before that date. The Doctor gave me the option of being induced if I haven't had the baby by April 15th. I think I would just let nature take it's course but Matt has a job fair in Vegas that we think could be very beneficial to him finding a job when he graduates. So for all you out there who think I'm wimpy for getting induced I promise it is not only for the reason that I am sick of being pregnant. Jobs are going to be hard enough to find, so hopefully Matt deserting me and a brand new baby for a few days will make things a little more hopeful on the job front. Anyway we had a lovely weekend together watching conference and just hanging out as a family, surprisingly watching 8 hours of talks, playing with Jonas and snuggling with me, Matt was able to get all of his projects done, which means this week is not as crazy and stressful as he thought it would be. Hooray! he has one test left and then he's home free, which means I can have this baby anytime. Yay! Here are just a couple pictures from this weekend. Hopefully my next post will include a tiny bundle of blue and sweetness!
When the new baby comes, it'll be nice to know that Jonas still has a friend to hang out with.

We took one last quick trip to Idaho Falls for a couple last minute items. Jonas had a blast at the mall. I wish I would've taken a picture of him in Old Navy. If anyone has seen their most recent display, it's a bunch of creepy mannequins, and Jonas felt the need to give each one a hug before we left the store, especially the little girl that was just his size. I think she got 4 or 5 hugs.

We got a surprise phone call on Saturday morning. Papa John was trucking through town and so we went and met him for Breakfast. Thanks for the awesome book and for letting Jonas drive the truck!

Jonas gave him so many hugs! He loves his Papa John.

Sunday we took a walk to see the new calves, Jonas sat there for a good 1/2 hour mooing and saying "baby", over and over.


Jennifer said...

Yay! An end is in sight!! I was also scheduled for an induction with baby #2 (Anise), and ended up going into labor on my own a mere 6 hours before it was scheduled! Good luck!! *HUGS*

p.s. the pic of Jonas watching the cows is so cute!!

Trevor said...


I've had enough of this so I have decided to help you come up with a name for the new one. Following is a list of what I would consider acceptable names.


There, if you can't find a suitable name from that list you just aren't trying hard enough.

Tammy said...

Love the pictures, he looks like a little boy though, it is kind of sad to think that he is not going to be your "baby" for much longer. I really hope that you can go into labor on your own and soon - good luck!

melissa said...

I love that little fart! He's getting so big! He'll be a good big brother helper guy with the baby. He looks like Matt in the pic of him and Wyatt. I love the pic of him looking at the cows, but I kind of want to come up behind him and scare him. hehe! I'm such a good auntie! I simply cannot wait for you to have a new little squirmy guy for us to hold and I hope you get to go into labor on your own soon, for all of the reasons you've already said. Good luck!! (you do know the best way to go into labor, right? ;) haha!)

Jess said...

Yaaayyyyy!!! I'll mark it on my calender but hope to hear from you before then! I love the picture of Jonas with the spiked hair! So cute! I'm soooooo excited to see pics of the new little one!

Diana said...

I am crossing my fingers for you that the baby comes quick. Have I ever told you that your brother Trevor cracks me up. I think he has a few good name choices.

Averi said...

Hey! Good luck with everything :) I am looking forward to seeing some fabulously cute pictures! And PS I cannot believe how fast time goes, Jonas is so big, and your other little guy is nearly here. Crazy! Hope you and the baby both have a safe and easy delivery!