Tuesday, June 9, 2009

We are so boring...

We haven't been up to much. So I guess here are just a couple of pictures from the last few days. On Saturday we took Jonas to see "Up". So cute seriously, we loved it, and Jonas did so good in his first Movie theatre movie. He sat like a good boy the whole time! Anyway that's about all we've done. Sorry I don't have more to show all you doting grandparents!

Jonas wanted Gibson to hold him... Instead of the other way around.

His signature half smile. I LOVE it!

He finally discovered the bunny on his Papasan chair, he just stares at it forever, I don't know if he knows what to think of it.

Jonas can count to 10, except 7. this is a bad video of it but I promise he really can do it when he wants to. He doesn't usually need help like in this video. video
Oh and Gibson finally started cooing, but only for Daddy. This video is noisy but if you listen close you can a hear a little cooing.



Tammy said...

Yeah an update and videos!! I love those little guys. Please come see us again soon! I checked for flights yesterday to see how much it would cost for you guys to come visit - we want to see you again so bad! Cutest family ever! Love you!

melissa said...

Oh my gosh. That made my day! I miss my boys! Cutest ever and I don't care what anyone says!

SewMuchAdo said...

That picture of Gibson "holding" Jonas is the cutest thing ever! Gibson looks more like Jonas than he did at first in your pictures.

Averi said...

your boys are getting so big, and I love the half smile!! Your boys look so much alike, they will be great friends growing up!

Jessie said...

Wow! He is changing so much! I agree he does look more and more like Jonas every time I see a new picture. And his half smile reminds me of the Elvis lip curl!!