Tuesday, September 6, 2011

San Diego

Grandma and Grandpa Brandley were so sweet this summer!  They took the whole family to San Diego for a holiday!  The boys had such a fun time, and Jonas still talks about it.  Just the other night while blessing the food, he asked that we could go back to Sea World!  Thanks Grandma and Grandpa!

These Pilot whales were so cool!

Riding the rides!  The boys were especially excited for this part!

The only picture I took of August...  Bad Mom!  Just kidding.
 The Sea Turtles were my favorite part.  There were tons of them!

The next day was spent at the beach.  We had a blast!

 Flying a kite...
 Sandy toes are the cutest!

Uncle Mitch spent most of his summer at the beach and picked up a few tricks.  This homemade beach seat being one of them.

It didn't take August long to join in the action...

Thanks again Grandma and Grandpa!


Diana said...

How fun!! I was just dreaming of whales last night...mind you they were eating people but that is another story! Your boys are adorable as usual. I love Gibson's funny face. I think it is so cute when they get old enough to make faces. Next time you should go to Hawaii. I actually swam with some adorable sea turtles and even hitched a ride on one...don't tell!

Jess said...

Oh SO FUN!!! Cute pictures of the beach. I called you the other day and had a nice chat with Jonas. Then he must have put down the phone and forgot about me. :) Ha ha ha! How is Vegas? Maybe I should move out there!