Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Look Who's 1!!

Well despite the poor kid feeling super cruddy, it still managed to be a good day for him!  Like usual, we kept it low key, and even with cake mishaps and burning the turkey burgers to a crisp, it was still such a good time!  I can't believe it's been a year already.  He's working on his second tooth at the moment and it's giving him a lot of grief.  He loves it when him big brothers pay attention to him, which doesn't happen as often as we'd like, with the Lego always being out. But when they do play with him he's in heaven.  He is still Mama's little man, and I don't currently see a light at the end of that tunnel, but I'm just gonna enjoy it while it lasts. Still crawling all over, not showing any interest in walking either, I think he knows he's supposed to be a baby for me a little longer. We love you little monkey man!!

 Check out that tooth! What a big boy!
 Solving the problem of extravagant amounts of cake that we encounter every birthday, was solved this year by this little blue monster, or in other words... After the mini cupcakes burnt, I salvaged a couple regular cupcakes into this fella.


Thank you everyone for making it a special day for our little guy!
Such a stud! Love him!

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Diana said...

SO CUTE!! Happy Birthday little man!! The cake is so adorable and the perfect size for a 1 year old!! Can't wait to see you!