Tuesday, June 5, 2012

August got a haircut!

This kid was lucky enough to not have to experience a hair cut till after his1st birthday, plus he was doubly lucky that he didn't get his rookie parents to wield the clippers like his brothers had to.  As much as I was hoping that his little wispy wing would turn to curls, he has unfortunately inherited the same stick straight locks as his brothers.

As you can see, there was a little hope... But alas, he was starting to look homeless, so we took the plunge and had cousin Melinda do the deed.

He was not to thrilled with the process as you can see from his very cranky after photo.  Thanks again Grandma and Melinda!!


Michael Brandley said...

Man, those boys HATE haircuts. So funny. I can see them all now, in their teenage years, with long locks, following in their Uncle Mitch's footsteps and refusing to sit in the barber's chair.

melissa said...

Oh, but he's just so dang cute! I love his face in the first photo on grandma's lap.

Diana said...

Ah poor boy. Good thing he is adorable either way!!

Claudette Fernandes said...

He's adorable and looks so cute in all the pics.