Sunday, August 26, 2012

Has it really been all summer?

I guess I should get back to the grind... We have had such a fun summer.  Between visits to Canada, and backyard camping, and lots of freezies... Swimming lessons, spray parks, and Trampoline time, this summer has flown right by.  Jonas has gone from tadpole, to swimmer, not to mention he's starting Kindergarten tomorrow. Ack! Get ready for Photo overload! Sorry everyone who doesn't care! But I guess you wouldn't be here if you didn't care a little... Right?
P.S. Apparently the only time I took pictures this summer was in Canada... I promise we had more fun than that!


 I swear my Dad looks like he could be in an Ice cream Ad in this picture... Mmmmmm Ice cream!
 Goodies from the candy shop... Best place in Waterton.
 The Bubble pop...
 Banana with Papa!

 Calaway Park.  We went on the best day, no lines for rides, the boys had so much fun! And thanks Debbie and Auntie Jessie for watching August for us, he would've been miserable!

 Only ones on the train!

 This roller coaster was the best, and the by the end of the day, it was empty too. The boys rode it for a half hour straight since there was no one else waiting to get on.

 Cousins! Sure wish we lived closer!

It was such a good summer, highlights would include Canada, Free Gym days, feeding the giant fish at Lake Mead, Swimming lessons and just being lazy. Worst moments would probably only be August getting 3 ear infections in 6 weeks.  Total bummer, but we survived with flying colors.  On to the next adventure... Kindergarten!


melissa said...

haha! So many of these pics made me laugh out loud. Oh how I love your little family. Fun summer!!

Michael Brandley said...

ditto Meliss.

Also, ever since you posted that photo of you as a little girl, Renee, I can't get over how much Gibson looks like you. It's uncanny.

I love you guys so much and miss you like no other. We need to schedule regular skype / facetime sessions