Thursday, July 19, 2007

Emmerson Jade

I've been inspired, partially by my friend Camille who takes such gorgeous pictures of babies and also by my beautiful new niece Emmy! So because of these two girls, i have officially tried my hand at taking pictures. I'm actually really proud of them, not to brag, they aren't perfect by any means but i thought they were pretty good for my first attempt. So thanks to Jessie and Pat for making such a beautiful baby, and thanks to Camille who has taught me how to look at things differently, not to mention some good techniques! Here she is my adorable niece Emmy!

This shot is my sister Jessie, her five year old daughter Hadley and the new addition Emmy!


Jessie and Patrick said...


The pics look great can't wait for my copies!

Camille Roskelley said...

WOW! Nice job, these look completely amazing!!! (And of course, she is beautiful!) Not surprisingly the foot one is my favorite! Really, I am so impressed! Keep it up!

melissa said...

Renee! I'm quite impressed!

Trevor said...

The shots look awesome Ren. How much to hire you to shoot my new pet oyster?

They look really professional. I need to make it down next week to actually meet Emme in person, but these will do until then.