Wednesday, September 5, 2007

This is whats going on!

Mostly we've just been hanging out the past few days but here are some pictures to give you an idea!
We've been spending a lot of time with Jarom and Camille the past couple of weeks, Jonas has grown accustomed to sleeping on their bed while we hang out and play games, watch the Simpsons, or while Camille allows me glimpses into her amazing quilting skills! Camille took this shot of him just before he went to sleep.

On Saturday Matt and Jonas and I went to Red Rock with G & G Brandley. I tried to get a shot of Jonas in front of this neat tree but he was so intrigued by the rocks that he wouldn't look up for anything. I really like this shot of him though.
Matt got this shot of him right before he was about to get some lunch, wow what a grin.
Another evening with the Roskelleys, We hit Olive Garden, and Camille helped me start my Primary quilt! Jonas on the other hand was getting dragged so many places that he really didn't get a good nap, we had to settle for one of these cuddle naps while we waited for our food.
I learned to cut my fabric , and I cut out all my Primary Quilt squares in record time... (Well Camille said it was fast but I bet if we raced she'd kick my butt!) And after my squares, I started cutting the strips for my new table runner. These are them so far but I'm definitely going to post better pics of my fabric later. Now I'm just waiting ever so patiently to get my own mats and cutting wheel thingy and be able to do this while Jonas is sleeping. Unfortunately I wont have Camille around in Idaho to give me tips and secrets, so I'm trying to learn all I can now. I really wish I would have taken advantage of her company sooner. As she said a number of times just this weekend, "we could have been doing this all along!" Anyway, one thing I can say is how good it feels to have a project, not to mention Matt is thrilled by it also. (Maybe now I'll leave him alone!)


Camille said...

It's true- WHY WEREN'T WE??? Oh well, we've got a couple more weeks. Hey, I was thinking- why don't you just come over around 1 one of these days and I'll put the boys down for naps and we can sew? Email me and let me know if you want to! Matt could always come after work and we could all hang out.

BTW, the picture of Jonas in his chair is my FAVORITE! That smile is AWESOME!

PS- are you loving all the free giveaways?? Did you see the one on it's the little things?

Kimberly Jolly said...

Your fabric choices are great. I can't wait to see your finished quilt!

melissa said...

I can't wait for you to finish your quilt. It will be soo cute! Maybe someday when I'm a mom, I'll be coming to you and Camille for project ideas.
Ok, love the picture of Jonas in his jammies. I swear he gets cuter every day. I love the string of drool in the second one, and I adore his smile in the highchair. I freaking love that kid and I don't think it's just my insane Auntie-ness. You guys did good! ;)

Jessie and Patrick said...

Love the fabric Renee, can't wait to do the bloom quilt with yah!

Christina said...

The fabric looks great. Camille said that you runner turned out awesome. It make me want to get my darning foot so I can finnish my primary quilt. There are so many of Camille's other quilts that I want to do but I promised myself that I wouldn't start a new project until I finnish the first. Time will only tell how well that will go because I need those moda fabrics! I still think you guys shouldn't move. I think Jarom will cry to see Matt go. :-)


Miriam said...

I hear you, sister. There is NOTHING like a project to keep life interesting. I always keep something up my sleeve. Quilting looks really fun. I've made one, but truthfully my mom did a lot of it. Your fabrics look great. And p.s. your little boy is a dreamboat. I love his hair!