Saturday, September 15, 2007

Wow What a Slacker!

I thought I was doing well keeping this thing updated but I've become lazy the past week or so. Mostly Matt and I are trying to fit in activities that we should have been doing all along. Jonas is movin' right along as well, he is trying so hard to crawl that I actually feel bad for him when he's laying on his belly and trying to get places, but he just can't seem to figure it out. One day though it's gonna click and I'm going to be chasing him all over the place. Here's some pics of the last few days.
Jonas havin fun with Grandpa!

Havin fun with Grandma! It kinda looks like he's crying , but Promise he was having fun!
He sleeps so funny now. Or he was crawling in his sleep.

Jonas at Matt's Company swim party!
Hmmm now what should I Order... All that swimming made me hungry!
Jonas is trying hard, like I said. He's starting to get the hang of it!


Camille said...

Wow! He is getting close! When was that video taken? All great pictures- grandma and grandpa brandley are going to be SO upset when you move!

Curtis Family said...

Jonas is almost there! He looks like he is having a good old time.

melissa said...

He's so close! I hope he crawls before you guys leave. He's got 2 weeks! jk I'm pretty sure we need to play Rook a few more times before you guys leave, too. Oh, and while you're in Canada, you better update this thing often because we will miss seeing you guys every week.