Monday, November 12, 2007

Better late than never...

I thought I would wait to post until after Jonas saw his Great Grandpa Heggie, not to mention Great Aunt Sonya wanted to brag to Grandma Tammy. As you can see from these pictures we haven't really been up to anything. Pretty boring I know and I don't see the boredom coming to an end anytime soon. Oh well, such is life.
Jonas helped Dad fix the fridge, but mostly he kept pulling the bottom thingy off.
Here's a good shot of his black eye, you should see the other baby.
I just like his hair in this one. It's getting so long!Isn't he adorable!

He loves his GG Heggie! He had lots of fun out in Claresholm.
Just a couple videos too! Enjoy.


Jessie and Patrick said...

It's about time. He He I see you almost everyday. But now you are Tagged, check my blog for the details.

melissa said...

I love that little man! Thanks for finally posting fun pics and videos. We miss you guys a lot and this is our ONLY way of seeing you. I'm just saying... :) I can't believe how big the little monkey is getting and I love his hair. We really miss you guys, and Thanksgiving just isn't going to be the same without you. Love ya!!