Thursday, November 1, 2007

Happy Spook Day!

Jonas had a blast for his first Halloween! We spent the afternoon trick or treating at Grandma's mall, then he had swimming lessons and he practiced submersion for the first time ever!! He really didn't like it. After that we went to Raymond to show him off in his adorable goat costume. He had a good time and we really wore him out! I think he had a fun day!

At the ward Trunk or Treat!
Jonas was so entertained by his 4 headed Grandma!

Jonas and Papa John at the Ward Trunk or Treat
The kids at the mall with Grandma!! She can sure come up with an awesome costume!! She threw this one together the night before, and it turned out awesome, I don't think Jonas knew what to think of her!!

Getting Halloween smooches from Great Grandma B.
This kid ate a ton of Ice Cream last night and Great Grandma H was no exception. Look at that big mouth!
Even Wyatt joined in. What a funny looking cow!

On another less important note, Wyatt got hurt. He was trying to get on the bed but ended up falling on his back instead and now he has become an expert at walking on three legs. It's kinda funny watching him bounce around without using that leg, here's a video. It's kinda dark but hopefully you get the gist!


Camille said...

Cute pictures, but poor Wyatt!! He is a pretty funny looking cow!

melissa said...

What happened to Jonas? He has a black eye! Are you guys abusing him? I looove Grandma B's Halloween Mumu. That's a new one. I love her! Jonas seriously cracks me up, and he's getting so big. Oh, and is Wyatt ok, because I'm pretty sure he probably needs all 4 legs? Glad to see you guys had a good Halloween! Love and miss ya!!