Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Love the Quilts!

As most of you know, my very good friend Camille designs quilt patterns and her little business is totally taking off. Anyway she's super talented. I'm in the middle of making two of her quilts right now, not to mention I'm paper piecing a third using her Hexagon tutorial that she posted on her Website. anyway she is awesome, so go check out her 6 new patterns that she just finished designing. Super cute, fun, and easy, so they're great for a beginning quilter(like me!). Also check out the link to her little business website where you can see all he other patterns! they are all cute and I'm sure everyone could find something they would like to make there! Anyway enjoy. and while you're browsing enter the contest. wait don't enter the contest, Cuz I want to win! J/K.

1 comment:

Camille said...

You are too nice! Thanks for the mention- So glad we are very good friends. Can I just tell you how sad I am that you guys aren't here and we could hang out and quilt during the holidays? Sad. (PS- If there are any patterns you want, just let me know!)