Tuesday, December 25, 2007

A Very Merry (and Busy) Christmas!

Well, it has been a very busy few days, but we are in for at least one day of rest tomorrow, or maybe not... it is Boxing day!! anyway Jonas has made it through his first Christmas!! I think he had a great time too! His Jammies were awesome, and he might have had way too much sugar on Christmas eve, but all in all it was great experience, All the commotion didn't seem to bother him at all. He was happy and cheerful and just the good little boy he always is. Santa will definitely be visiting him next year!

Anyway, now that all the hustle and bustle is over we are sad(well I am) to be leaving the North country and returning to Rexburg. So we have a lot of packing to do in the next few days. Jonas I am sure will be thrilled no matter where he is, but we are sad to officially be away from all the friends and family we dearly love! I'm certain Jonas will miss out greatly not having Grandparents nearby to spoil him rotten, but we officially know that we are doing the right thing for us! Anyway we want to wish everyone a very merry Christmas, we hope it was a wonderful day for everyone!


melissa said...

Yay! It looks like Jonas had fun! Dude, Matt's beard is getting ridiculous - so long! I'm glad you guys had a good Christmas and I'm excited for you to come and play with us. I'm also really stoked you guys are going back to Rexburg bc it's definitely the right choice for you and now I'll have an excuse to come and visit my old stomping grounds. Sigh... See ya in a few days!

Camille said...

Merry Christmas guys! I can't believe how big Jonas has gotten since you left! Oh, and who is that homeless man in the pajamas? :-) Jonas' jammies are stylin' by the way! Also, we want to hang out when you guys are here, if you can fit us in!

Jessie and Patrick said...

Miss you guys already. Hope you had a fun new year. Still waiting for the new phone #. In the mean time tag your it. Go and see my blog.

M-Ware said...

hey raynay. glad to see you had a happy christmas. little jonas is just a sproutin up!! hey, if you want me to email you the scripture bookmark, leave your email in my comments section and i'll do it.

by the way, say congrats to diana for me. very exciting!