Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Finally, a spare minute!

Well I don't have time to actually write a lot, but here's the gist of it in pictures... Enjoy!

All the boxes moved in to the House. We did it all by ourselves, thank you very much!
Matt and Jonas in the U haul!
We ate at New Fongs!
Jonas Climbing in the Entertainment centerJonas wearing 4 hats!
Not liking the Green Veggies
Now if only I could get him to use it and not just play with it!
Our first Sunday!
Sleepy Head!
This one is for you Lori, He loves it!
Wheeeere's Daddy!?
Yay Daddy had a day off, he got to spend some quality time with Jonas and me!
Jonas just being cute!
I have no idea why he got such a kick out of this but it was so funny


Jessie and Patrick said...

How cute is that video! I am waiting for the look at me walking one. Should be soon. Considering that boy is going to be 1 in just over a week.

kelseyp said...

Cute pictures!! I miss Fongs sooo bad. I love #10 and #6... mmmmm! Jealous! Where are you living in Rexburg?

Miriam said...

So where did you guys move to? Are you in Rexburg?! Where did you live before? Are you going back to school?I need the DL!

Camille said...

Great pictures! That video of Jonas is so cute- I love how you can always hear Matt laughing in the background. Too funny! Also, I'm confused- aren't those your same couches??

melissa said...

oh my gosh! love love love this post! first of all, when isn't Jonas just looking cute? second of all, i love how matt left the robe on to look all mature and fatherly! haha third, I am so impressed that you guys moved everything all by yourselves. I love the pic of Jonas's legs sticking out of the entertainment unit, and I love his face at Fong's. Mmmm Fong' I miss that place. I miss you guys tons and I'm so glad you're all moved in. Your place doesn't look bad at all, and I'm confused about the couches too...? Love you guys!

PinksandBluesGirls said...

Oh we have that same problem with the entertainment center and our middle son! He loves to climb in it and it's SO cute and SO funny!!
How cute Jonas is!!
- Audrey
Pinks & Blues Blog

WENDY said...

I love you blog !! It is so fun to check out how fast Jonas is growing up - What a cute little boy. Matt I loved the Heggie mustache - I never thought you lookes so much like Randy - Who would have thunk!!! Renee keep up the blog so we know what's happening - great blog - Love you
guys - TBAITWWW - Wendy