Tuesday, January 15, 2008

We've returned to civilization!!

Not only have we returned, we also look a lot better too! We no longer look homeless...(I guess we were just playing the part, right?) Anyway there is a lot to blog about but for now I will just post makeover pics and then we'll catch up from there. Hope you enjoy!

Matt's before photo, What a mountain man!

Handle bars, He is definitely a Heggie!

This was the last stage to shaving off the beard! I promise he is clean shaven now!Can you see how wild and long his hair was getting?

Not anymore, he looks so handsome!

Now last but not least, me! I didn't take a before pic but you get the idea of how long my hair was. if not, just check some past blog posts!

I did it and I love it! not a great pic of it but man oh man, you should see it when I try! I love it.

Just another cute pic of Jonas and Sophie and their second date! This time it was formal!


melissa said...

haha! A formal date...that's priceless and I love it! I'm not gonna lie, the last pic of Matt's "stages" was Creepy McCreeperson! Yipes. Seriously though, you guys clean up good and I miss you all already.

Miriam said...

That cracks me up! Allan did the same thing! But that really was an impressive beard. Did you cut your hair?! It looks really cute in that picture!

Camille said...

I'm going to completely ignore the part about Matt's facial hair because I think we all know how I felt about that! We can all be friends again, now that it's gone!! Of all the Brandley haircuts, yours is definitely the prettiest! How is life up in the frozen north? It's SO nice here, can't you guys come back? School, schmool, right?

Heather said...

Renee, your blog is sooo cute......Wish I could say the same about Matt's facial hair! :)