Monday, May 26, 2008

Life's a Holiday

Well it's the holiday weekend here and can I say it's been so nice having Matt around for a whole extra day! Jonas really loves playing around with Dad. We didn't really do anything too exciting because of the rain on Saturday and Monday... (Sunday was beautiful, go figure!) We had big plans for the zoo and a picnic but both got rained out. Oh well. We did get to go to the Legacy flight museum which Matt adored, Jonas had fun running around the hangar, and I had fun keeping him out of trouble while Matt chatted with our tour guide! Here are just a couple shots from this weekend!
P.S. We also have a video that I need to post later because it's on the video camera and not the camera, we seriously had a buttefly stampede. On Sunday while Jonas was napping I looked out the window and there were tons of Monarch butterflys flying past our windows! I don't know why they did it or where they were going but they didn't slow down for anything it was so cool, a total freak of nature.
Matt and Jonas on our Sunday walk.
We found all this cool old farm equipment on our property... Another reason not to let Jonas stray too far on our walks!
Jonas loves taking Wyatt for a walk, Whenever we go out he wants to hold the leash even if he's running to keep up, it's really funny!
Matt sitting in the Albatros, it's actually a training plane for the MIG pilots in Russia
Jonas and I in front of the King Cobra, it's one of 3 in the whole world that still flies!
Matt sitting in a P-51, it was a WWII fighter plane but now it's used for acrobatics!

Wow I learned a lot about these planes while we were there! It's amazing what sticks in your head while chasing a toddler!
Anyway this last video is super long but Matt wanted everyone to see our Babies mad dancing skills!! (which by the way he totally demonstrated for the relief society on Sunday during a musical presentation by the teacher!!) He's such a Ham by the way... He only started dancing because he saw me filming him!


Jessie said...

What a ham, but at least he's got rhythm. Looks like you had fun at the museum. Too bad everything else was rained out. We hopefully have made it through our week of rain!

Camille said...

Who knew there were actually things to do in Idaho?! I guess you learn something new every day, huh? Great pictures, and video- that Jonas is quite the stud! Love the dancing!

Diana said...

I laughed so much when I watched your dancing star....I got in trouble for not working. What a cutie. It was worth the reprimand!

Christina said...

Looks like you guys had a fun weekend. I love long weekends with Jake! I am dying to go to visit Idaho. Hopefully when JJ goes in the fall.

Jess said...

Sophie says "hubba hubba". She'll be waiting for the day Jonas asks her to dance.

Tammy said...

I love it! What a cute little man, I can't wait to see him dance for us. He cracks me up! It looks like all the snow and rain have really made it pretty and green there, I'll bet you are enjoying it. 14 more sleeps! Love ya Mom