Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What we did on our Summer Vacation...

Obviously it was a not a summer vacation but I'm out of creative post titles. Anyway I figured it was time to update considering it has been a few weeks. We spent the last couple of weeks in Canada babysitting and spending time with family. Always fun. Surprisingly even the babysitting was fun. My sis and her Hubby flew away to Las Vegas for a few days and I got to play Mommy to 4. As always it was an adventure, between dropping kids off and picking them up and keeping the babies from beating on each other... (Jonas and Emmy did not like each other.) It was a good few days. I feel like if I did end up with 4 kids I might be able to handle it. Although I'm not sure my sanity would last much longer than 4 days if I had to do it alone. Good thing Matt is so helpful around the house. I might be able to pull it off just because I have him. Anyway enough about me having 4 kids I'm starting to hyperventilate.

Before Jessie took off, we took the kids to a Petting Zoo/Pumpkin patch and it was so much fun. Jonas could not get enough of these bunnies, also there was a cute tractor ride thing that looked like a bunch of cows. We had a good time there.

On to things that are slightly more interesting. We celebrated Halloween while we were there and surprisingly there was not a lot going on, which was probably a good thing considering the monster cold I had (still have). Jonas hated his monkey costume but I made him wear it anyway, and we did have a good time at Rawleys Preschool Halloween party. We trick or treated at the mall and then we went home to pass out candy from Grandmas house. Jonas loved all the trick or treaters and raced to the door every time someone knocked. It was a fun night.

It was Home again the next day and we stopped in Great Falls and bought Jonas a big boy bed. (Thanks Papa John!) He is seriously in love with it, although we don't let him sleep in it yet. He loves to drive his cars all over it. That's about the gist of the last couple weeks, but there is some big news coming up, so stay tuned.

Just a video of all the things Jonas can say. He would never say them on cue until lately, so we figured we had better document it.

Oh and how could I forget the main reason I actually went to Canada. To see High School Musical 3 of course. And not to worry I was so not disappointed. My love for Troy still rages on. The moment that hussy Gabriella breaks his heart I will be there to pick up the pieces.


Jessie said...

Ha Ha you outed yourself, now I don't feel quite so bad!

Camille said...

I'll skip right passed that High School Musical comment, and say I'm glad you made it back! Looks like your trip was a busy one, and Jonas is growing like a weed! On to Las Vegas, right??

melissa said...

Girl, you are married! Troy is mine!! You're taking the easy road out - I'm going to take that hussy out and get Troy myself! Such an amateur Renee. Ok, our turn, our turn! Bring that little boy over here so we can squish him. I can't believe he got a big boy bed. Yay!! Also, I think you will make a fabulous mother of 4. Go Renee!!
p.s. I agree with totally outed yourself. ;)

Tammy said...

How fun to see a blog again from you! It seems like you have been gone forever! It also seems like it has been forever since we have seen you guys, please hurry and come down here we miss you guys! I cant believe Jonas has a big boy bed, how fun is that! And I love his car sounds - too cute!!!!