Friday, December 19, 2008

Just a Quickie...

A few updates over the past week.

We have switched out the doorknob on Jonas' door. There will be no more lock outs for this Mommy! Jonas even helped!

We let Jonas open one of his presents early so we wouldn't have to take it all the way to Vegas with us. He LOVES it! Thanks Grandma Reggie and Papa John!

Last but not least we are leaving this afternoon for Vegas. Again... It will be a blast I'm sure, but I'm a little torn to be leaving this... For weather that is not so Christmassy... Being with family will definitely make up for it.

Anyway due to a few planned trips in the next few weeks, I will be on a blog vacation, if I get the chance I'll probably check in now and then, but nothing too fancy until after the 23rd! (Of January!). Anyway we hope everyone has a wonderful holiday! We love you all and Merry Christmas!

P.S. Camille did some family pics of us last time we were in Vegas! She always does such a great job! Thanks again!

P.P.S. Santa, could you put some Smooth Dissolve Tums in my stocking this year? And maybe some Milk Chocolate Lindt Balls?

P.P.P.S. This clip has been making Jonas laugh all morning!


Diana said...

I love that last picture. Matt looks so sharp in red and you and Jonas are too cute! Anyways I decided that you now need to come visit me in March because.....WICKED is going to be here. I would quit work and take you on a tour of town and then we could see the play! Sounds good. See you soon!

BTHolmes said...

I was looking through Camille's blog (I was directed to her by another quilter) and came across the picture she took of your husband's family. It took me by surprise as my family lived next door to Bob and Cathy Brandley back home. I'm assuming that is your husbands grandparents? I haven't seen any of the family since I was a teenager. WWW makes it such a small world. It is so wonderful to see one of the Brandley boys (they were older than me) I once knew with such a beautiful family. Merry Christmas.

Jess said...

Wheeeeeee!!!! fourteen more days!!! CAN'T WAIT!!!! (love the family pic)