Monday, May 11, 2009

6 Years, and the Mom's I Love!

First, as a Mom, don't you wish you could say that this was your biggest mess to clean?
Anyway I know I'm a day late posting this but I thought I'd do it anyway. For the first time, (but not the last...) My anniversary has fallen on the same day as Mothers day. Surprisingly this doesn't really bother me. I get dinner made for me on Sunday and I also get to go out to eat with my awesome Hubby. So I get two free days in a row! I wish I could say that Matt did something extra special for me yesterday, but considering all that he has been doing since Gibson came along, I don't think he could have done anything more short of diamonds (which we so can't afford), or Chocolate, (which make the baby Gassy), or flowers, (which I already enjoyed a massive array of gorgeous roses not even 3weeks ago). So I guess what I'm saying is... Matt all I need from you is your retarded love... (It's an inside joke.) Because you are already doing way to much for me these days! I love you and I can't wait for six more years. Or more. depending on a certain Mr. Efron. Now on to My favorite Mom's. I'd like to start with mine. Mom you've taught me so much and always make me feel proud of myself. You are a wonderful Mom and continue to teach me about what's truly important and I try to remember that everyday. Hope yesterday was awesome!
Next in line is my Sister. Jessie, you are such a good Mom and your children are your life. Thanks for all the advice, and for just being a phone call away when I have a question. No matter how many kids I have I think I'll always see you as much more experienced and I will always come up with new questions that you always seen to have the answer to. Happy Mothers Day!

Now on to my Mother in Law. Thanks for raising such wonderful kids. I wasn't there to witness it, but I can see how your love for them has made them who they are today. Also, thanks for taking me in and treating me just like a daughter, even though I was only lucky enough to marry into the family! So Happy Mothers Day to you too! I Hope to be as good a Mom as these 3 ladies! You are awesome!

Now to finish... These two are what make this day so darn special. Even though I had poopy diapers to change on my special day, it was all worth it. Now I just can't wait till they're old enough to make me breakfast in bed.

Now for one last reason why I love my husband. Direct quote from Matt... "If he's the one doing the bullying* at least he wont get picked on... Right?"

*We do not in anyway hope for Jonas to become a bully, although with the moves Matt has been teaching him, I fear we have no hope...


Diana said...

Ahhhh you are a good mommy too. I think the best kind is the relaxed kind. Enjoy your babies!

Tammy said...

Oh you are so sweet to include me, thank you that is really nice. You are a great daughter in law and the best little mom ever. I love to watch you with those sweet little boys and love to watch Jonas and see all the things that you have taught him. Matt on the other hand, I am not quite sure about the things you are teaching him! :) That video is too funny - he really has the move down!

Jessie said...

Aww thanks for including me in your list! I am truly blessed to have as wonderful of a sister as you! I know eventually I will be asking for your advice in one way or another, so watch out! Love ya Sis! Oh and Happy Anniversary!

Jess said...

Hey! I LOVE the video of wrestling moves! I'm going to have to show Griff that one. I love Gibson's baby blessing outfit! Did you make it??? If I have a boy I want something like that. Oh wait... I'm done. (that's what I keep telling Griff anyways). Oh and it's so not fair that you look so great in those pictures!!! I'm still wearing all my maternity clothes. Just yesterday I thought, these were always big on my I should be able to wear them... yeah, no. Gibson's hair is so stinkin cute!!! Mia is jealous!

melissa said...

Renee, you are a lucky lady to have so many great moms to look up to. You are a good little mommy and I love your little guys! Sooo funny that Jonas does the elbow tap. haha! MMA here he comes!