Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Well it's that time of the month again... I guess I'd better update the blog.  Let's just say the last month has been pretty busy...  in a lazy kind of way.  We went up to Canada for our last trip of the year!!!  We had a ton of fun, but can you believe I only took like 4 pictures that whole 2 weeks?  Anyway, we played with cousins and saw a couple movies, Gibson finally decided nursery is OK and we haven't had any problems since.  (Yay!)  
After our trip, my Mom flew back to Vegas with us for another couple weeks, and let me tell you, what a dream!  Eating In and Out, Going to BILL COSBY (you heard me, right?  BILL COSBY!!!  I've loved him my whole life and he didn't disappoint!).  Setting up Christmas, shopping, and just making her relax a little bit.  (She needs it!).  Anyway it's been a fun month and now it's time to get back to real life.  Or not...  It is Christmas time after all!

Well here are just a few pictures of the last month.  Enjoy!
We visited some baby Chicks with Papa John, the boys loved them!

 Gibson and his little cousin, Everett!  So cute, I love to squish his thighs. To give you an idea, they are 11 months apart, Everett only weight 4 pounds less that Gibson. 
 Jonas putting the star on the tree!

 This little guy keeps leaving presents under our tree, Notice what's behind him?  Apparently he isn't toilet trained...
Every time Gibson put an ornament on the tree, he'd do a little dance and give someone a hug, he was so excited!

The carousel, at the District


Laci Brandley said...

Text to matt "I want Jonas and Gibson!"
Response: "You can have them. Gibson just pooped on the floor and Jonas drove his batmobile through it"

bahaha. I love those little boys. Poop and all.

Diana said...

It looks like you guys had a busy month. Your boys are so adorable!! You really need to post more...I love reading about what you guys have been up to!

Matt B. said...

Holy crap, well the video of Gibson and the tree is my new year's motivation. All you could see was my FAT @$#!!

We had a good time last month, and December will be fun too! I love my family!!

(P.S. I love you Renee, but I need to teach you how to white balance a camera, ... and get better video angles!! :)