Thursday, January 13, 2011

Holiday Fun!

We had a wonderful holiday! After My mom left, things were pretty relaxed,  we Christmas shopped and got everything ready for the holiday.  And let me tell you, for once we actually had all our shopping done like a week before Christmas! I owe it all to my Brother and his wife for coming for a visit.  We didn't want to be party poopers and shop the whole time, so we tried to have it all done before they got here!  It was awesome.  So was their Visit! (Brock and Tasha... Please come back!) Anyway here is our holiday in pictures!  Enjoy!
I know these are late, but here we go!
The Gingerbread village we made!  So much Fun!

Christmas Eve.   The cutest Shepherd in the nativity!
Arrr Matey!  After Tommy left and Right!
Future Belt holders, Jr. division (for now anyway...)

And look who we caught by the tree Christmas Eve, after the boys were asleep of course!

 Now onto Christmas day!

All the kids on Christmas morning, After we opened a mountain of presents!
Jonas was thrilled to get his Deadly Nadder from How To Train Your Dragon, I think he was a little concerned Santa was going to forget!  But his face was priceless when we handed him that gift from Santa.  So excited, even before he got the wrapping paper off!
And what better way to celebrate Christmas than to go out to the desert and shoot at things!  Seriously, Laci, tell your Dad we had sooooo much fun!
Yes I am shooting a gun!

Of course he would... No surprise there!
And New Years Eve!  
We spent a quiet evening at the Brandleys, eating and playing games till the countdown. 

We are so stylish!

Hooray for 2011!

This fella only made it til a quarter to 11, and yes he fell asleep while eating a chip...  Which he then left on uncle Mikes shoulder!

This guy on the other hand lasted til 11:30!  So close, maybe next year!

Happy New Year!

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Diana said...

It looks like you guys had a great holiday. We missed you at the girls night of course! Your boys are adorable and so big!! We need to figure out how to get together soon. I may be heading home in May...that is probably too late for you to be traveling with Baby #3. You guys for sure have to do Christmas in Canada next year! I am putting my foot down! Besides you will probably wanna see how good I look super prego! (ok not prego yet but I have plans to be by then!!!)