Monday, August 27, 2007

100 things about me!

OK, OK I think this will be a tad difficult but I've decided to try!

100 little known and unique facts about me!
1. I am the youngest in my family and you can totally tell!
2. I love to snuggle!
3. I am extremely affectionate with those whom I am most comfortable with...
4. ...But I hate to be touched if I don't know you very well.
5. I love animals.
6. I have a tender heart. I hate to see anyone or anything hurting, especially if there was a way to prevent it.
7. I am extremely naive, and people make fun of me for it.
8. I don't mind being naive.
9. I have been referred to as a very happy person, and I think that is true.
10. I like to keep a very positive outlook on life.
11. I really don't like kids that much.
12. I really love and adore my own child, he is fabulous and in my opinion, a genius.
13. I am a mess. I can't seem to keep my house clean longer than a week.
14. I am a procrastinator
15. I forget everyones birthday.
16. It doesn't make sense but if I have to choose between having a savings account or paying of my credit card I really would rather keep my savings account. Matt hates that.
17. My husband is my best friend, and I'm proud to be able to say that.
18. I never truly appreciated my sister until I couldn't see her all the time. Now I miss her and call her a few times a week at least.
19. I think I'm very easy to get along with, but for some reason I can't make any friends.
20. I am terrible with money, ask my husband and he will confirm that.
21. I really don't like my dog, but I love him too much to get rid of him. He's part of the family.
22. I never thought I'd be married with a kid on my 25th birthday.
23. I hate souvenirs, unless they have a practical use like a fridge magnet or ornament. I especially don't like souvenir T-shirts, unless they look cute and not souvenir-y.
24. I like to dress my dog up in clothes.
25. I love to sleep in late. That is the #1 thing I miss about being childless.
26. I love to try new projects but I rarely complete them.
27. I'm trying to change #26 to "always complete my projects."
28. I've stopped complaining about things that I can't change. Well mostly.
29. I'd take a Canada winter over a Vegas summer any day.
30. Every car accident I've ever been responsible for has taken place on icy roads, but there have only been 2.
31. My favorite activity is sitting at home and watching a movie with Matt. But only if there's popcorn. Just kidding! but popcorn definitely makes the experience all the better.
32. I really adore my in-laws. And I didn't just write that because I know they read my blog! I got very lucky to marry into such a great family.
33. I wish I had a hobby that I was truly passionate about, but I really don't.
34. I am a passionate person, but it's usually in regards to my family and other people I care about.
35. I love tradition.
36. I hate when things change, even if they are good changes.
37. I'm terrible at keeping in touch with old friends. Surprisingly though I still keep in touch with 3 very special girls I went to high school with.
38. I love to sing, but I don't very often because I wish I were better at it.
39. I used to think I was a generous person, until I met my husband. He is a very generous person.
40. I love flowers, but I couldn't pick my favorite one even if I tried.
41. A music teacher once told me I have perfect ears. I wonder everyday if I still do.
42. I'm proud that I gave birth to my son, but I wish I would've waited a little longer before getting my epidural. I feel like I didn't really get to experience "Labor".
43. I think I'm an attractive individual, but only when I put time and energy into becoming so.
44. I love to laugh.
45. I only like my smile when I can control how it looks.
46. I practiced my smile all through high school. Weird right?
47. I love sparkling snow. When the moon or the sun hits it just right, and it's just brilliant.
48. The world still disappears when my hubby kisses me, and I love that.
49. I'm very romantic. I love rose petals and candlelight and all that cheesy stuff.
50. I'm not devastated if I have to go months without typical romance, because I love my everyday life too!
51. I'm very attention hungry, but not in the sense that I need to be in the spotlight, but I want my family to pay attention to me. Mostly Matt.
52. The only thing that makes me cry is being upset with my husband, I want to be mad at him but then it just makes me cry because I'm mad at him.
53. I hate sitting with my feet on the ground. At the dinner table or in the car I'm usually sitting cross legged.
54. I think my life is 99% drama free, and the other 1% is brought on by me being to demanding.
55. I think people are getting lazier and lazier about relationships and that is scary. I hate to think my children might end up with someone who doesn't want to work at their relationship.
56. I think marriage is the hardest thing I've ever done. But also the most rewarding.
57. I should have 20 kids because my pregnancy was so easy! But I wont.
58. I'm afraid of being alone. That's why I love being married, I always have someone with me.
59. I can't watch scary movies, no matter how much Matt tells me that it's fake, it still freaks me out and I can't sleep. Usually for days on end.
60. I think I'm a great cook. But I don't cook very often.
61. I love good food.
62. I can eat a lot, but I try not to anymore.
63. I'm very trusting, and usually I pay for that dearly. I'm really upset that I've had to pay for it dearly time and time again. I miss the world when people could trust each other.
64. I have never met a Lindt ball I didn't like.
65. I love having big brothers, that's why I'm glad I had a boy first.
66. I love high heels, but my feet don't.
67. I never had a roommate I didn't like. Proof right there that I'm easy going.
68. I love my Mom, and I love that I'm a lot like her.
69. I think I am, and always will be Daddies girl.
70. One thing I really don't like about my self is the fact that I am very unmotivated. I really don't have a desire to accomplish great things.
71. I flunked out of College, and I'm very angry at myself for doing so.
72. I'm savoring the last bit of freedom I have to be an irresponsible adult. Once Jonas starts getting older I wont be able to eat Ice cream for dinner anymore.
73. My favorite color changes on a regular basis. I think it depends on what my favorite article of clothing is.
74. I wish I were a Ballerina. If I could do that over I would.
75. Sometimes I think I'm too easy going. But I like to think I put my foot down when it really matters.
76. I think I'm more of a follower than a leader, which I personally don't think is a bad thing. Not everyone can be a leader. Don't take that wrong though, I do think for myself. I'll only follow if I agree.
77. I have always gotten along with my brothers and sister.I think the most fun I ever have is just playing games with them. Especially candy poker at Christmas.
78. One thing I'm very proud of is my work ethic, I haven't had the greatest jobs in the world but I feel like I always try to do them to the very best of my ability.
79. I hate quitting jobs, even the ones I've hated, for some reason I feel like I owe them something, or that they'll be mad if I quit.
80. I have never been fired from a job.
81. I collect Moose. Mostly stuffed animals but also other Moose paraphernalia.
82. I couldn't pick the happiest moment of my life, there are too many to pick from. but probably the top 2 would be Marrying my husband and the first time I held Jonas. Obviously.
83. I think I'm much less stubborn than I used to be but there's still a lot of room for improvement.
84. This is weird and gross but poop doesn't bug me, Snot on the other hand makes me dry heave.
85. I used to love the smell of coffee, until I got pregnant, now it just makes me nauseous.
86. I love seeing things from my child's perspective, seeing Jonas react to new things reminds me of how much wonder there really is in this world.
87. I love French tipped toenails.
88. I think French is the prettiest language in the world, but I can't speak it. Believe me I've tried.
89. I love to read, but I feel like I don't have time anymore. I'm really bummed about it.
90. I think I have great legs. Unfortunately they're always covered in bruises that I don't remember getting.
91. I moved to Florida all by myself for four months. I truly believe that is where I found myself.
92. I love Walt Disney World at Christmas time. I worked there one semester and that was my favorite time there. I wish I could have experienced that magic as a child.
93. I Love roller coasters, the faster the better.
94. I have a very active imagination, I scare myself multiple times a day just by letting it run wild.
95. I am super clumsy. I trip on my own shadow on a regular basis.
96. I have had stitches in three places. My forehead, my lip and my stomach.
97. I have terrible eyesight. It's really bad.
98. I love knowing that someone needs me.
99. I am my Mothers love child, or so she calls me.
100. I love showers, my average shower lasts around 20 minutes! It is wonderful

Well that's all folks, and might I add this took me all afternoon to think of. But to all my blogging pals out there, I would challenge you to do this too. It really makes you think about yourself and all the great and not so great things about you. Now that I'm finally done I feel like I could add a ton more things. It's pretty cool!
Oh and for everyone out there who reads this for Jonas... Here are a couple favorites from our recent California trip!


Camille Roskelley said...

Wow! Nice job, I am impressed! I don't think I could come up with 10, let alone 100 things about myself. I can honestly say I didn't know a lot of those things about you, but I was surprised at how many I did know. I guess we have gotten to know each other better than I thought during all those "couple minutes to check out a game" Also, I LOVE that first picture of Jonas and Matt- it is SO cute!!

PS- I think the penguin costume would probably fit Jonas just right, but you can always go check at the store if you want a fun outing. I personally REALLY liked the hot dog one!

melissa said...

That picture of Jonas kissing Matt is one of my favorites. Soo cute! I'm so proud of you for making your list. It's fun, insn't it? I totally thought of tons of stuff to add when I was finished too, but then I thought if I did so I might seem conceited! haha I guess it probably wouldn't have been too far off. Ok, I want to comment on all of them, but I'll just say a few things. That cracked me up that you said you don't like Wyatt, but you can't get rid of him! Also, I'm glad you and Matt are still so in love. I really do appreciate that example and I always hope I can find the same thing. I agree that people our age are too lazy in relationships. Ok, lastly...I'm glad you adore us, because we really adore you and we're so happy you're truly part of our family. xoxo

Tammy said...

Wow, I am impressed! That is hard to do, I dont think I could make a list of ten things! We love you and are so happy that you are a part of our family and that you put up with us! We are going to miss you guys like crazy and I really hope that you come back here even if the summers are unbearable!

Jessie and Patrick said...

I am so glad that you did this. It made me laugh out loud a couple of times because you mentioned things I really didn't think that you knew about yourself. Stay tuned for my list when I turn 30. I figure that is a good time to make it.