Thursday, August 16, 2007

My Husband has a dream

The Brandleys! the newest residents of Springfield! Look out Homer and Marge there's a new family in town!

Our new family portrait! If Matt had it his way he'd blow this up and put it on our living room wall! Oh how i love the way he spends his time!


Camille Roskelley said...

This is awesome! It is a little scary how much Matt's actually looks like him! :-) Jarom is going to love this!

Miriam said...

THIS IS HILARIOUS!! Ask Matt if he does request portraits, cause I'm pretty sure that Allan would give his right arm for a family portrait like this. I was raised to believe that the Simpons was synonymous with EVIL, but (thanks to my corrupted husband;) have since grown to love them as my own family.