Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Future Bride!

I would like you all to meet Jonas' Betrothed. Her name in Sophie and she is just the sweetest baby anyone could ever meet! She is he daughter of one of my very best friends, Jessica. Jonas and Sophie met for the first time on Friday night and I personally believe in was love at first sight!
Unfortunately they couldn't get to close to each other, Jonas was not feeling well and just couldn't bear to pass on the germs. Anyway I'm sure that Sophie is home right now already planning a wedding that is 22 years down the road! That should give us lots of time to prepare!

Just look at her stare! She is totally smitten.

Sophie andJessica!

She's got great legs, Jonas is a total leg man!

And just look at those chubby cheeks, just perfect for kissing.

Sophie needed to get to know her new Father in Law, I think she won him over!


melissa said...

You are a nerd...but I secretly think you're right. ;) I love the pic with Matt. She's not sure how she feels!

Camille said...

Fair enough, but your first daughter is marrying one of our sons, okay?

M-Ware said...

raynay you are one silly momuvason. (mom of a son) are you really moving to springfield, illinois?