Friday, June 27, 2008

Nostalgic Much?

This is kind of a post about nothing in particular... So for everyone who is expecting something interesting and exciting about my life than you had better stop reading. I woke up this morning feeling kinda weird. I had this urge to look through old Photo Albums and remember old times. Before marraige and family, you know when life was a bit more interesting*. You never really knew what was going to happen and how life was going to turn out. You always had the opportunity to make new friends and for some reason it was a lot easier then, than it is now. Maybe this has all been brought on because I've finally come in contact with an old roomate from Florida. I've been searching for her for a while now and now that we've been reconnected, I've realized how nice it would be if I could keep in touch with people from my past. As most of you who know me have probably realized this is not something I excell at, but I've officially made it a goal to try and get in contact with old roomates and dear old friends. I love the Blogging world because I have actually been able to do that with a few very special people. Now I just need to find the rest of them!

*I realize this might sound like I'm putting down married life, and I just want the world to know what I mean by that. I am married to the perfect guy. Which unfortunately doesn't leave a lot of room for suprise and excitement. ButI love him to death and I wouldn't do anything different if I had the chance. I love knowing that I have him for the rest of forever. I rely on him way too much, and he is so good to me. I like having someone to share all that is to come with. I still don't know where life may lead us, but at least I know who I'll be with a long the way. It does take a little of the excitement out of it. I guess it's like finding out the end of a story too quickly, but as I've heard many times... Life is full of chapters, and finding Matt was just the end of one of them. Now we get to write the rest of our story together. Wow, do I sound cheesy or what!? I think I have low blood sugar or something. I'm gonna go eat something.

For everyone who just checks this for pictures of the little guy, here a a couple cuddly ones. He has been extra cuddly lately, even to the point of faling asleep in my lap. I love it when he does that. He must think that Blogging is boring or something!


Jessie said...

Love your nostalgia. I think we all need to have days where we take a look at everything we have done! What a cuddle bug! Can't wait to see you in a few weeks!

Jess said...

Ohhhhhh! I love that last picture of you two on the couch! You look so great! I'm glad that we can keep in touch through blogging! And that reminds me... you asked me for my number and I forgot to get it to you!!! I'll message you on facebook. (hopefully there are no psycho's reading your blog comments, but one can't be to careful)