Sunday, June 22, 2008

To the Zoo we go!

On Saturday we finally (and I mean finally...) went to the zoo! The Tautphaus Park Zoo in Idaho Falls is the perfect size for a toddler, seriously we did the whole thing in and hour anda half, and it was in the morning before Jonas took his nap so we didn't feel like we wasted the whole day waiting to go to the zoo. I think Jonas liked it although the majority of the time he was expressionless. Oh well, he did get a kick out of the Lemurs. I think they were Lemurs. And he really liked the goats. I he wasn't u[set about being there so that is a plus! I think he'd like it better if all the animals were moving around but as usual they were just sitting around! Anyway we did get to see the baby Lions, and the Tiger that was hiding last time Matt and I went, like 4 years ago. Anyway it was a good day and Jonas took a really long nap when we got home. Anyway here are a few shots of the day!

This Baby Lemur was so funny! It's pretty noisy but you can hear Jonas laughing at it. This made the whole trip worth it!



Jessie said...

Yea! I am glad you finally made it! Looks like Jonas had a fun time!

melissa said...

How fun! Love the video, of course, and I love the picture of him and the white monkey just staring at each other. Oh how I love that little boy. We miss you guys already!

Jess said...

Sohie loved the video clip! She's obsessed with monkeys! We are planning on taking her to the calgary zoo in aug!

Jess said...

Ummmm, yeah I mean SOPHIE. I really can spell my childs name. In my defense I'm typing with one hand and holding Sophie away from the keyboard with the other.