Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Suprise Mail and another critter!

We are about to take off to Vegas for an extended weekend but first I thought I would do a quick post before we leave. Again not to much has been going on. But we did have a couple surprises this weekend! On Sunday we took our traditional walk around, and also locked ourselves out of our house!! Anyway while trying to wrangle up another key, we ended up spotting this fella! I have never seen one in real life before, well except at bird places and maybe a zoo I think. Anyway it was totally cool! I didn't realize how big they were until he spread his wings to fly away!! Jonas has been totally enthralled by all the little birds that hang around on our lawn, it rained last night so all the birds are picking at the worms and Jonas can't get enough of watching them, he has been at the window all morning!
Also I received a package in the mail on Monday which wasn't really unexpected because I've been waiting for it for a few weeks now, I was just delighted to find, along with the sweater my mom sent (thank you Mom!!), 3 pictures lovingly colored for me from my very sweet Niece and Nephew!! Thank you Hadley and Rawley, I have them proudly displayed on my refrigerator right now!! Anyway not too much, but enough to make me want to tell the world! Also Rob, I'm pretty sure Matt wanted to show you this!
Anyway we are off to enjoy some especially warm weather, and see a long lost someone whom we have missed terribly for the last two years *wink*. Actually I think he was far from lost, I'm pretty sure he knew exactly where he was and the great work he was doing! He probably wont read this but, Uncle Mike, we are so excited to see you and can't wait for Jonas to finally meet you!


Camille said...

Hooray! I'm so excited you guys are coming up! We haven't done anything fun since.... the last time you were here!! ;-)

See you soon!

Jessie said...

Awww the kids are going to love that their pictures are on your fridge! Have fun in Vegas!

Averi said...

Have a fun time in Vegas! i wish I was going on vacation! And the weather will be fabulous, not like it has been in Utah! Can't wait to see pics :)