Friday, July 25, 2008

Summer Fun...

Alright all you Aunts Uncles And Grandparents... This post is 99% about Jonas so I'm sure that will make everyone happy. I don't think I've had a post all about Jonas in like 3 whole days! Anyway, I've been dreaming of the day when Jonas and Wyatt could play together and I would not have to worry about it... That day came along time ago but I haven't really got any pictures of it until just recently. I think it's sweet.

Also here is a video of the end of their romp. I was too busy taking pictures and didn't think about a video until it was over.

On another note, I have officially realized that I am too poor and to lazy to keep track of my child's milestone ages, so here in advance are some amateur shots of Jonas at 18 months (almost) Anyway I think what I really need is an SLR camera and a great photo editing program, and maybe I'd have a little potential. But for everyone out there who has never tried taking pictures of a high energy toddler this will probably look terrible. To those of you who have... You probably understand why these are the best 3 out of many. If I had that program mind you there would not be any bruises or scratches, but till my darling hubby graduates, I will just have to dream! Oh and convince myself that they totally add character!

On one last non-Jonas related note... Look at this glorious Raspberry patch! They are officially ripe and I have been picking and eating to my hearts content for days now. We may live in a trailer, but I think that this might make it worth it!

P.S. Sorry Jessie, I was going to post a full shot of the quilt but Jonas is taking a nap with it and I forgot to take a full picture of it! Next time, I promise! Guess what!? Only two weeks till Canada! Hooray!


Tammy said...

How precious!!! I swear he is the cutest little guy in the whole wide world! I think the picures of him turned out darling! Give him hugs and kisses for me!

melissa said...

Oh how I love that little boy! Seriously, every one of those pictures are adorable and you are quite the photographer Renee. As Jonas's favorite auntie ;) I think you did a marvelous job on this post. I want to come play with you guys!

p.s. I love your sense of humor about living in trailer. Why not embrace it, right?

Camille said...

I think the pictures look great! Especially that one of Jonas and Wyatt, that one is my favorite. :-) I am coveting that raspberry patch.... seriously.

Oh, and just so you know, if you ever want any photoshopping done, just send the pictures my way and I'll work on them. I love photoshopping, and totally wouldn't mind!

Jessie said...

Okay I will live maybe you should just bring it with you when you come instead, it's always better seeing it firsthand. I love the pics, I think you do an awesome job.

Averi said...

Those are such cute pictures! He is getting so big. I love the one with him and the dog! How fun :)