Wednesday, July 2, 2008

We've Moved...

Well we would have, but it just wasn't the right time... And we're poor college kids... But if we had an awesome amount of money at our disposal I'm pretty sure we would have gotten this place. This picture totally does not do it justice, but it is seriously our dream home, I guess now we just get to sit and wait and dream about it! I wish I could explain the catwalk and the adorable playroom upstairs, and all the little crawlspaces... This 5 bedroom masterpiece would be any kids and parents dream. It was adorable to say the least... Anyway I'll stop dreaming and and get back to here and now.

Jonas has been a dream the past couple of days, he's playing by himself and he has hardly thrown any tantrums, I think we've past the banging his head against the floor phase, which is great. We've hit the park a few times but mostly we've just hung out close to home. It's way to hot to stay outside for very long, unless there's water involved. Too bad Jonas is afraid of the spray park. I'm also making goals to get more organized. We'll see how long it lasts but hopefully I can keep it up. Matt is always so thrilled when the house in clean, so I'm trying my darnedest to keep it that way for him. So far I have succeeded with doing the dishes and picking up the clutter and toys in the living room for the past couple days. One day I'll get to the storage room, and our room. Anyway, enough ramblings, here are some pics from the park and a few others.

I think I mentioned once how Jonas has taken to just falling asleep on me if I get on the computer too close to nap time . Anyway here's a shot of it.
Matt decided we should document the making of Jonas's Quilt that I'm making. I'm proud to report that it is almost finished! Hooray no more achy fingers!
Doesn't it look like a giant took my picture? I know Matt's tall but, come on. I keep telling him he needs to get down to my level or Jonas's level when he takes pictures. But then he just gets grumpy!
Silly grin!
Me and my baby... We have so many shots like this it's pathetic.We went to Justin and Beth's last week and Jonas had a blast on their swing set. He's been on swings before but I've never heard him laugh like this!

I wish Matt could have caught him when he first got on. This is not even close to how hard he was laughing at the beginning!


Averi said...

I love all your pics! Its so fun to see what your up to and how things are going. Your little man is a cutie and just gets bigger and bigger in every picture. Just makes me feel old, all of you married with kids, I am so behind :) Miss you girl!

Jess said...

Can I just say again how ADOURABLE your hair is!!! Sophie loves the swing too! I think the cheese grin shoot of Jonas is my favorite picture of him in a while!!! Soooo cute! We are flying into calgary July 19. We'll be staying at my mom's- 381-6434. See you there!

Camille said...

Fun pics! Lots of great ones! I want that house too... and you had me there for a minute- we've moved??

Your hair does look super cute, especially from a giant's standpoint. And that silly grin on Jonas? Love it!

Jessie said...

So fun! You better get him over his fright of the spray park before you get here because I am sure we will be spending a fair amount of time at the one here. Love all of the new pictures. Hurry and post one of the quilt I want to see it done!

Tammy said...

Love, Love, Love the pictures. I miss you guys so much!! Cant wait to see you guys again, hopefully the end of August. We will have to get swing set or something so Jonas has something to entertain him at our house! Thanks for keeping the blog updated so we can see you guys through pictures! Love ya MOM

melissa said...

Renee you look so cute! I love love love your hair. Also, the picture of Jonas with the scrunchy face is so creepily close to Matt's pictures his age it's ridiculous! I miss you guys! Dave and I are planning on coming up at the beginning of August to visit.