Wednesday, February 18, 2009


I guess it's finally time to post about V-Day. We have never made a big deal about this day until 2 years ago. In some post pardem fit and emotional rage, I remembered that Valentines day was actually the day my sweet Hubby and I first laid eyes on each other. Unfortunately we still really don't make a big deal of the day but we now make a small point to at least acknowledge that without this very special day, we might not be together... And that would be tragic. Anyway, I was officially spoiled rotten. (Apparently Matt has been hiding a few bucks here and there, so he could buy me a couple small presents) Chocolate, oh and as you can see from the picture, my favorite flower ever, was just the start of a wonderful day. He is such a gem. Anyway we spent the day together as a family, and finished the evening with some Chocolate covered strawberries, Martinellis, and a girly movie. (WOW he must LOVE ME!) Anyway that was about the jist of the day. It was wonderful, seriously. Oh and thank you for Presidents day, I'm not sure who I'm thanking but because of it, we got to spend time together, instead of Matt doing his homework all day and night! I hope you all had a sweet V-day too!


Tammy said...

Oh what a sweet boy - I wonder where he came from? Seriously! I am so glad that you got to spend some time together this weekend and I hope you both had a Happy Valentines day and I am glad that you did meet you are awesome together! Your fowers are beautiful!

Camille said...

Way to go Matt! I'm impressed! Beautiful flowers, Renee. Glad you had a good one!

Diana said...

Kick me if I am wrong but I love the pretty least I think that is what they are right It is so nice to have hubbies that love to spoil us. I remember talking in high school about how we would all have to marry rich men who spoiled us least we got one out two...tee hee