Sunday, February 1, 2009

Our Big 2 year old!

From this little wrinkly thing...To this big 2 year old!Jonas is officially 2! I am completely blown away by this fact. Anyway a few things have happened this week to mark the occasion. First he was introduced to his big boy bed. You know the one Papa John got for him months ago? He finally gets to sleep in it, and we took the crib down. We figured it was cold turkey or nothing for us. Naps are kind of a pain but he does OK at night. So far we've only had to pick him up off the floor once! That was the only one that we actually forced, the other things pertain to his communication. He is saying a lot more words. We taught him to say "two", He says, "Eyes", and some more animal sounds as well! He is also getting better at communicating what he wants. I'm so proud of the kid! Anyway he had a wonderful birthday. We were going to have a little party but Matt got this crazy cold so we canceled it. Oh well, maybe next year! Anyway, here are just a few shots from the day!



We even got him to blow out his own candles! Matt only caught the last one on camera but that's OK! Oh and please excuse my annoying voice!

Oh, and can we say OCD? He was playing with his magnets and the next thing I noticed was this! What a crazy kid! He must like blue and green the best.


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday to the Jonas boy!!
How fun to have a two year old...
The photos are amazing. Get better Matt. Love and miss you guys. Wendy & Rick

Tammy said...

Yeah! Happy Birthday Jonas!!! You are such a big boy and I love you soooo much! Can't wait to see you again. What a fun Birthday cake your mom made for you! Good job Renee - you rock! Love you guys - get better Matt!

Jess said...

Hey! I love the cupcake cake!!! What a great idea! How did you ice them like that? Anyways, looks cool. Sophie really likes the car on the cake! Happy Birthday Jonas!!!

Camille said...

Happy birthday big guy! How in the world you are TWO already I'll never know... what a big boy!

Christina said...

Wow, I can't believe he is two!! And soon he is going to be a big brother! :) He is too cute.