Friday, March 6, 2009

Donkeys and Basketball

These two things do not go together, but apparently I am the only one who thinks that. Oh well, it wasn't so terrible, and Jonas seemed to like it it. It was nice hanging out with Matt at work too! Anyway I figured out why I never blog anymore. It's because we don't do anything. I'm sorry we have no life, for all you out there who actually look forward to these posts. Anyway that's about it for now. Just a short one today, maybe after a whirlwind weekend in Canada I'll have more to blog about!

Here is a video of Jonas doing the snowman song, Please don't judge the clothes he is wearing. He cried every time I tried to take his Jammies off. I promise Auntie Melissa that we didn't leave the house. He also does the reverent song and itsy bitsy spider, but he never wants to do them for the camera.

Also don't judge the mess I'm in the middle of cleaning out the storage room so there are boxes everywhere! I will make room for the new little guy, if it's the last thing I do!


Jess said...

Soooo, what the heck was with the donkey's and basketball??? That does seem an odd combination. Love the snowman song! You're going to Canada??? I'm jealous!

Tammy said...

Awww, so cute! I love the song, can't wait to see the other ones. I cant believe they still do the Donkey-Basketball thing, they did that way back when I was in Rexburg and yes it is crazy! Fun that you got to get out and spend some thime with Matt. Have fun this weekend and be careful!

melissa said...

haha! Oh man, I love that little fart and his halfsie outfit! I also love that he did the song actions backward. I can't wait until you have the new little guy and we get to come visit. I'm getting really, really excited!! Also, what the heck is up with the donkeys and basketball? I hope you have video of that somewhere for me!

Mark said...

so... reserving your kid a spot in the handicapped section... way to hook him up with the best seats.

Linz said...

Gracie loved the song...she clapped her hands afterwards and kept saying "tall, tall, tall"!