Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wedding Bells and a Circus Tent.

This post should be listened to to the tune of circus music, or at least that's what Matt sang every time he saw me in my bridesmaid dress. Actually I didn't look too bad, he was just being a tease. I'll start by thanking Debbie, Thank you for making me fit in my dress! Anyway it was a really quick trip up to Canada for my brothers wedding, but it was so nice. I got to hang out with my family, Jonas got to play with his cousins, and destroy my sisters house... And Matt got more sleep in 3 nights than he's gotten all semester. It was also good to get away one more time before the baby. Anyway the ceremony was lovely and the bride was beautiful! (Welcome to the Fam Tash!) And we are only glad to be home because the next exciting thing that will happen around here will be the new addition. BTW we still haven't picked a name so now's your opportunity to get in some last minutes votes! My Brother took some shots of my fat belly and once he sends me some I promise to post them. Hope everyone else had a great weekend too!

The Happy Couple! Congrats again you two!See, not too bad, I only look a little fat. Or maybe that's just my imagination, for all you
nay-sayers out there you can keep your opinions to yourself.Now sitting is another story, I definitely don't hide the belly well when I sit.

We snatched a cupcake before the cake was cut. Ssssh don't tell.

Cutting the cake... Obviously.

I think this was cupcake number five, he would just walk up to the table, snatch a cupcake and then take it to someone to unwrap it for him. He was majorly spoiled.

All that sugar gave him a ton of energy to boogie all night long. He definitely loved the dancing.


Averi said...

Um, ok, I don't want to hear a WORD that you are fat! You are SO FAR from fat, you look AMAZING! Seriously, you are glowing ! The red was a great color for you :) I can't believe you are only a month away, its seems like its gone so fast! Glad to see some fab pictures and hear that you are doing well!

Tammy said...

Yeah for a post! I check every day all day long! You look amazing Renee and as beautiful as ever. I am so glad that you guys made it up there and were able to enjoy the wedding and the family. It looks like it was fun. Can not wait for the next big event either. I will come and take care of Jonas the minute that you call. Love you guys!

Jessie said...

These are all great pics! Love the one of Jonas dancing!

Diana said...

Bahaa...Jonas is a natural on the dance floor. I just hope Papa John doesn't back up! I actually really like the bridesmaid dresses too! You look adorable. I love belly pics! As for names I am totally voting for Finley. Jess had a girl so you can use it now!!

Allyson said...

you look really good! do you have a name picked out yet for this baby?

melissa said...

That is a boy after my own heart! Cupcakes and dancing?! He's definitely my nephew. You look amazing Renee...even though I know you're dying to get that little guy out of there. Hang in there champ!!