Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Boogers, bathtime, and standing all on my own!

So here's what's been happening the last few days, On Friday night Jonas woke up at about 11:30 and he was not feeling to well. He was all congested and could barely breathe, so after a good steam in the bathroom for 20 minutes we kinda let him hang out with us. Matt was playing so he let Jonas play too! Can we say game face? Anyway he's been all snotty ever since. Anyone who knows me knows that isn't a good thing. Eww!
Jonas having a cuddle before we put him back to bed!
I just don't want Wyatt to feel like we don't love him, so here he is!

Tonight Matt gave Jonas a bath and he was just having such a good time that we had to take pictures!

He's been standing for a while now but I haven't actually posted a picture, he's especially good at standing when he doesn't realize he's doing it!


melissa said...

I love when he gets all squealie! Such a big boy now though. Fun! I still love him, even if he does have an icky, snotty nose. ;)

Jessie and Patrick said...

Poor guy hope he feels better soon. Then he will be able to master the walking thing.

Diana said...

Ahh you have started Jonas off too early on X box. He will never go to Kindergarten cause he'll want to play all the time!! JK I feel so bad that he is sicky. I had Bronchitis and it was the pits. Anyway he is super cute as always