Sunday, February 3, 2008

Happy Happy Birthday Party!!

We had a party for Jonas last night! Unfortunately we live too far away, so only Grandma and Grandpa Brandley, and Uncle Mitch were able to make it to his party. He was till very happy to see them and he was angel for them all weekend!! We ate dinner and then we let Jonas destroy a birthday cake! He was really only interested in the frosting. Anyway then he opened some very nice presents fro G and G B, Grandpa Ralph sent a present and so did Grandma Reggie. He is so loved and maybe a little spoiled but that's ok sometimes!! Anyway it was a good day. Jonas had way too much sugar, went to bed way too late, but he still had a blast! It was a good day. We are so excited for a 1 year old, he is the best!

Cheesy Grin!
By the way I made the cake all by myself, I'm a little proud of it! It's an alligator but it kinda looks like a Lizard! His snout wasn't quite long enough.


Jessie and Patrick said...

Great job on the cake Renee. It looks like the Birthday party was a success.

Camille said...

What a fun party! How come we weren't invited? Also, your cake is AMAZING. I am really impressed!

Anonymous said...

How fun! Great job on the cake! I totally knew it was an alligator!

Oh, and Harrison has the "I still live with my parents" shirt and gets laughs all the time about it!

(This is Devynn)

Melissa said...

Renee, your blog is darling. And so is your little guy, what fun. I cam eacross your blog as i was bored looking up random people but i'm glad i found it. What a great read. Check ours out